6 Crystals To Keep Close After A Breakup For Good Juju

An Adele song plays as you archive all the pictures of you and your ex and change all the captions that mentioned them. Your freezer is stocked with all your favorite ice cream flavors, and your whole apartment smells like sage. You didn't think it would end this way. Heck, you didn't think it would end at all. But here you are: newly single and contemplating a major hair change. And while you would undoubtedly look amazing with purple streaks, you may want to grab these crystals to use after a breakup before trying to cut your own bangs.

There's no way around it: breakups can suck. Opening your heart to someone takes courage and accountability, and realizing that you and your boo weren't on the same page can be completely disorienting. While crystals can't fix everything, it can be helpful and inspiring to learn about the healing properties of these powerful gems. Whether you surround yourself in Amethyst for clarity or carry a little Labradorite for balance, consulting your crystals may help you process the pain of your breakup.

And if you're looking for some healing and strength, here are six crystals to use after calling it quits with someone.

Rose Quartz For Self-Love
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Consider Rose Quartz to be the red rose of crystals. Symbolizing romance, relationships, and the planet Venus, Rose Quartz is all about opening your heart. Though you may be feeling completely #over love, Rose Quartz will help you learn to be tender with yourself. It helps builds friendships and family relationships as well as increases self-love and is great for providing comfort and calmness in times of grief or distress.

Amethyst For Clarity
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Known for soothing, tranquilizing, and relieving stress or anger, Amethyst will help you smooth out all your rough edges, including the pieces of your broken heart. Amethyst is like an all-purpose slave for your spirit. If you're feeling petty or jealous, Amethyst will help you see through all the B.S. (read: stop looking at your ex's stories) and focus on what's really important: your passions and hobbies, your friends, your dreams for the future, and your healing.

Citrine For Happiness & Inspiration

Citrine is the crystal equivalent of listening to your favorite Beyoncé song or watching a video of your baby niece laughing at Disney World. It's a crystal for happiness and strength and will encourage inspiration and creativity. Citrine will pump up your self-confidence and remind you to laugh and smile about the things that bring you joy and hope. Cue you putting your Freakum' dress on and signing up for that pottery class.

Black Onyx To Nix Negativity

If your breakup has left you feeling like there's a looming raincloud over your head, Black Onyx may help you start to see the sunshine. Black Onyx is like a negativity vacuum and can help you turn your bad feelings into ones of hope and strength. Not only that, Black Onyx can help you make good decisions in times of stress or grief, and will help you feel strong and supported as you move forward.

Labradorite For Balance

Whether you're getting used to sleeping alone or relearning how to take yourself out on a date, Labradorite is there to help you feel balanced and supported during times of change. Labradorite inspires trust and strengthens your ability to listen to your intuition. It stops you from getting consumed by the past and helps you feel excited about your future. Hello, archiving all your old #couplegoals Instas and gearing up for a friend-night out.

Chrysocolla For A Fresh Start

Not only does Chrysocolla help open your communication with others, but it also inspires self-expression and helps you feel your self. Chrysocolla helps you uncover your true self and grace the world authentically. If you stopped wearing high heels because your ex didn't like it when you were taller than them, or you haven't been to your favorite yoga class in months, Chrysocolla will inspire you to do what makes you happy.