4 Tarot Cards That Might Mean A Breakup Is Coming, So Prepare Yourself

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Though the digital era has made ordering Thai food easier than ever, there's something to be said for sticking with tradition. Reading Tarot cards, for instance, is a spiritual and social practice dating back to the mid-15th century. Although — IMHO — the cards can help all the time, knowing which tarot cards mean a breakup might be coming can help you navigate conflict and find strength during times of relationship transitions. Interacting with Tarot cards can help you set intentions for your future and understand current situations from new perspectives. They're a wonderful tool in navigating life's transitions, providing solace and insight.

IYDK, a deck of Tarot is made up of 78 cards. While there are a ton of different cards, the two main categories are the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards. All the cards symbolize different aspects of life, like transitions you may be going through and the elements — wands for fire, cups for water, swords for air, and pentacles for earth.

Although it may seem overwhelming, pulling these cards can provide you with clarity or context — guiding you to see things from new perspectives. If a relationship is reaching its end, you may see these four cards.

Queen of Swords

My friend Carly calls this card the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Queen or the Feminist Boundary Setter. The Queen of Swords calls out BS when she sees it, and inspires you to stop ignoring things. She helps you take accountability for yourself and your actions, and ultimately can aid you in making big decisions, like knowing it's time to say goodbye to a boo or setting some healthy boundaries with a partner.

The Queen of Swords often appears when something isn't quite right and though you may be acting like everything is cool, deep down, you know what you need to do.

If you've known for a while that you need a change or if you feel in your gut that it's time for serious talk with your parter — The Queen of Swords is a kitchen timer on your accountability.

The Tower

Pulling the Tower is going on vacation and coming home to see that Marie Kondo threw all your stuff away without telling you. The Towers means getting caught off guard by a big change that was out of your control. Though it may feel intimidating, the card is ultimately a message to let go of the things that are no longer serving you (like Marie Kondo did with your worn-out leggings). The Tower means you may be a little lost for a second, but only because better things are coming.

Of course, a big change can also mean you and your partner discovering a new way to connect with each other or suddenly realizing you're ready to do something you've been talking about for a while, like moving in together or going on a trip.

The universe has so much good in store for you, and this change is the first step in making new room for better things to come.

Three of Swords

Like watching a Sarah McLachlan anti-animal cruelty commercial, the Three of Swords is emotional. This card can symbolize pain or hurting that's happening in your relationship. Whether you and your boo have been arguing more frequently or you're dealing with infidelity — pulling the Three of Swords may mean it's time to check in with your heart.

If an ex recently moved back into town or you've been thinking a lot about past relationships, the Three of Swords can also mean past heartbreak is starting to resurface. If you're feeling down about the past or just a little worn out with your current relationship — it's always OK to take some time for yourself and to speak with friends and family about what you need to feel supported.

Of course, all relationships have their ups and downs, and sometimes the best conversations and connections come from really opening up about your feelings.


OK, I know what you're thinking — but "Death" the Tarot card isn't, like, literally dying. It's actually about being completely alive, because you're living your truest and fullest life. Death is about transition. It's about changes in both your feelings and thoughts, and in the outside world, like your friends, work, or environment. If you've realized that you want to be single, if you're feeling ready to move across the country and start a new job, or you've unpacked some stuff about your own gender and sexuality — Death means some sort of change is afoot in your relationship ,and can ultimately mean that you're ready to move on.

Death can also mean you and your partner are ready to experience a big change together. Maybe you both want move to Tulsa or decide to open up your relationship — steamy!

Whatever it is, change can be a really a good and beautiful thing.

Of course, just because something is written in the cards doesn't mean that it's written in stone. If you're thinking your relationship may be coming to a close, speaking to your partner about what you're feeling can be the best way to understand a situation. You are in control of your love and your life. No matter what cards you pull, you get to say what feels right in your relationship: Beginning, middle, and end.

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