6 Crystals That Can Help You Harness The Power Of Aquarius Season

by Valerie Mesa

Cheers to the season of the water bearer! However, before I reveal the six crystals for Aquarius season, let's get something straight, WTF are crystals, anyway? I mean, I can't possibly be the only one who questions the universe and its magic, right? Either way, I figured I would give you all a closer look at where these luminous gems come from, considering each crystal vibrates at a completely different frequency, whenever an electric current passes through it. Can you imagine? There's basically magic all around us, and yet, we ignore it every single day.

BTW, since we're in the midst of Aquarius season, this is a time to look toward the future and visualize all that we're capable of creating, in order to make a difference in the world. For instance, Capricorn season was for building a solid foundation for our aspirations and goals, and Aquarius season is for connecting with like-minded groups, collaborating with aspiring professionals, and making progress in general. Speaking of which, you know the Carousel of Progress ride in Tomorrowland at Disney's Magic Kingdom? "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of everyday." Well, that is the essence of Aquarius.

Anyhoo, if you're looking to make the best of this groovy season, I suggest the following crystals:

Amethyst: For Inner Peace


Aside from the fact that this is Aquarius' birth stone (not to mention totally gorgeous), this stone also encourages strength and inner peace, which is a perfect combination for looking toward the future in a positive light. Hold it close to your heart, and you'll feel at ease.

Angelite: For Spiritual Awareness


For starters, I am so in love with this stone. Second, it promotes conscious awareness and brotherhood, which is so typical Aquarius, don't you think? On a mystical note, however, it also enhances psychic awareness, spirituality, and enables astral travel. Cool, huh?

Aquamarine: For Mental Clarity


Aquarius... aquamarine... get it? The sign of the water bearer loves innovation, and this gorgeous stone is specifically for creating the mental space necessary, in order to create change. It's also great for communication, and manifesting thoughts into reality.

Apatite: For Your Inner Humanitarian


This ocean-blue stone awakens your humanitarian spirit. For instance, if you're considering making a change, or looking at a situation from a different perspective, the Apatite helps you keep a positive mindset when looking at the bigger picture. It is a stone used for the greater good.

Garnet: Promotes Loyalty


The garnet is a stone of loyalty. It belongs to Aquarius because it helps you recognize the people you should and shouldn't keep in your immediate circle, along with the activities you'd benefit from. It also increases willpower and resistance, while warding off negativity.

Hematite: For Positive Energy Flow


Personally, I cannot live without this stone, and I'll tell you why. First, it stimulates the mind, and promotes healthy grounding. It's also great for staying positive during stressful situations. This is sort of like a crystal-cup of coffee in a way, as it helps you stay alert and focused.