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How You Should Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single, Based On Your Sign

by Valerie Mesa
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Valentine's Day may very well be the most romantic day of the year, but WTF happens to the people who aren't in romantic relationships, or in a relationship, period? Well, this is for those people: I'm about to reveal how you should spend Valentine's Day if you're single, according to your sign. TBH, Feb. 14 is just like any other day. (That is, unless it's your birthday, of course.) What I'm trying to say is, don't stress it. Instead, buy yourself some V-Day treats, put on a good movie, and call it a night.

Also, the astro-weather is going to be lit on Valentine's Day, so I highly doubt you'll be bored. For instance, with the sun in Aquarius, there is a desire to socialize, collaborate, and mingle. Whether it be with your friends, or a fresh new face, connecting with like-minded people is key. Something else to consider is, the season of the water bearer is totally unconventional and rebellious, which means the more bizarre the better. So, who cares what everyone's doing to celebrate? Get together with your tribe and have an anti-Valentine's Day soirée.

Something else to keep in mind is, the moon will be in smoldering Scorpio, which will certainly intensify things, starting with your emotions. So, in the midst of getting together with your besties and introducing them to your soon-to-be significant other or otherwise, try your very best to keep an open mind. The energy of Scorpio is naturally triggered by Aquarius' rebelliousness and freedom. Here's how you should spend Valentine's Day this year if you're flying solo:


Aries: Try Your Best To Go With The Flow

With the moon traveling through your suspicious eighth house of sex, transformation, intimacy, and joint ventures, chances are you’ll be totally preoccupied with your ex. On the dark side, this could spark jealous and petty power struggles, so embrace what may seem challenging. Liberate yourself from the past, Aries.

Taurus: Set The Record Straight With Future Prospects

You may not know what you want, but the good news is, you know what you don’t want, Taurus. With the moon hovering over your committed seventh house of partnerships, amidst being challenged by the sun in your ambitious 10th house of authority figures, this is your opportunity to hit the reset button, especially when pertaining to your relationship dynamics. Focus on the bigger picture.

Gemini: Get Organized And Work On A New Vision Board

Something inside you feels the need to get situated this Valentine’s Day, Gemini. The moon activating your orderly sixth house of due diligence will do it, but in addition to that, the sun will be dancing over your expansive ninth house of luck, travel, higher learning, and unknown territory. So the key is to find something where you can integrate your insatiable wanderlust with your daily schedule.

Cancer: Express Yourself Creatively And Freely

Do you like to dance, Cancer? Something as simple as signing up for Zumba at a local dance studio will do the trick. The moon will be illuminating your passionate fifth house of center stage and creative expression, so there’s no doubt you’ll be in the mood to hog the spotlight. Also, this will be challenged by the sun in your sultry eighth house of transformation, which basically means you’re about to pull a Black Swan moment (minus the darker stuff, of course).


Leo: Snuggle In While Marathon-Watching A Sexy Series

Just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you won’t be texting back and forth with your future SO throughout the day. The moon will be getting cozy via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation. However, this will be challenged by the sun in your rebellious seventh house of partnerships, which will confront your ability to compromise freedom.

Virgo: Write In Your Diary Or Catch Up On Some Reading

When was the last time you put it all down on a piece paper, Virgo? Your creative muse is currently being activated by Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter, and it shows. The moon will be shedding light over your chatty third house of communication and thought process, amidst the sun shaking up your orderly sixth house of due diligence. A part of you might be second-guessing your daily duties, while the other asks you to write it all down and get situated. You are not your thoughts, Virgo.

Libra: Indulge And Invest In Your Happiness

You're usually one who loves Valentine's Day with a special someone. But why not indulge on an expensive dinner for one, or perhaps a delicious spa day where you inhale the scent of fresh eucalyptus before getting your deep tissue on? Anything's possible, especially with the moon in smoldering Scorpio enticing you to splurge on innocent acts of self-love.

Scorpio: Do What Your Little Heart Desires

Today should be all about you, Scorpio. With the moon hovering over your sign, shedding light on your deepest truths and smoldering passions, repressing those carnal instincts will be a challenge. The sun will also challenge the moon whilst dancing in Aquarius via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and inner foundation. You’re a rebel at heart and your freedom should always be a priority.


Sagittarius: Go To An Uplifting Reiki Session

You could be feeling a bit witchy on Valentine’s Day, Sagittarius. The moon will be activating your secretive 12th house of mysticism, spirituality, and solitude, so you’ll likely be in the mood to retreat. The sun in innovative Aquarius, however, will shake up your chatty third house of immediate community, which is the perfect opportunity to do something extraordinary, and perhaps taboo-like, somewhere nearby.

Capricorn: Mingle With Your Coworkers

Shmooze or lose, Capricorn. The moon will be dancing through your 11th house of teams, tribes, and friendship groups, so you’ll likely be preoccupied with your extended network and perhaps the professional sphere. Although, with the sun in Aquarius activating your second house of income, values, and unique possessions, your eccentric charms and extraordinary abilities will be put on display. Don’t be shy and show them the goods.

Aquarius: Manifest Your Professional Goals

Who’s the wickedest witch, Aquarius? If you’re ever in the mood to work on a manifesting ritual, tonight is your night. The taboo-loving moon in Scorpio will be shedding light over your 10th house of professional contributions and destiny in the world, while the sun sheds light on your radical and electrifying personality. You guessed it; this is an interesting combination of energy, especially if you’re willing to include a crystal or two. You’re magical, Aquarius.

Pisces: Let Go Of The Past

Bear with me, Pisces. I know this Valentine’s Day activity sounds a bit bleak, but with the moon transiting through witchy Scorpio, it’s the least we can do. La luna will shed light on your expansive ninth house of goals, opportunities, and unknown territory, while the sun sheds light on your 12th house of forgiveness and surrender. Ready to let go of whatever’s been weighing you down and look toward the horizon? This is an excellent time to declutter your space and burn letters to those who have wronged you. A tad bit morbid, but cathartic nonetheless.

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