Conrad Fisher in 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

Share Your Turn-Ons With "This Is 100% Your Look, Connie Baby" TikTok Trend

All about that viral sound from The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 had plenty of iconic moments, but one quote in particular has been taking over TikTok: “This is 100% your look, Connie Baby.” In Episode 6, Belly Conklin (played by Lola Tung) says this to Conrad Fisher (played by Chris Briney) when she drapes a feather boa around his neck and puts a pair of sunflower-shaped sunglasses on his face. They’re in the middle of shopping for party supplies, hence the unusual accessory choices. TikTok has put the flirty quote to the tune of Mary J. Blige’s “Family Affair,” and a viral trend has emerged. With the “This is 100% your look, Connie Baby” trend, TikTokers are sharing their favorite turn-ons.

The cute TSITP moment quickly gained traction on TikTok; at the time of publication, there are over 70,000 videos featuring the sound, and the #conniebaby hashtag has over 69 million views on the app. OK, so some of the videos are thirsty edits of Conrad or romantic clips of Bonrad. But plenty of TikTokers have used the sound to share the things they find most attractive, like seeing their SO in a backwards baseball cap or watching them play with kids.

Here are some of the best TikToks that encapsulate the “This is 100% your look, Connie Baby” trend.

Some have used the sound to talk about their crush’s sense of style, using a literal interpretation of Connie Baby’s ~look~.

Other accounts moved away from the fashion conversation, focusing more on the aspects of their partner’s personality they find most alluring. Apparently, a lot of people get hot and bothered over their SO showing some PDA.

A bit of jealousy (a healthy amount) is also a turn-on for some creators.

Another popular green flag? Being good with kids.

Although TikTok might still be divided over Team Conrad vs. Team Jeremiah, it seems like the whole app is in agreement that the “Connie Baby” line deserves a moment in the spotlight.