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Perpetually confused about life. I enjoy live-tweeting my frustration and constant anger with people and posting pictures on IG @Sydconn. Stay weird.

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The 4 Commandments Of Thriving At Brunch When You're Hungover AF

So, you made plans while you were still happy-drunk to go to brunch the next morning. Well, it's finally morning, and being anywhere that isn't your bed is the last thing you want to do. You're not alone. Chances are, no one wants to go. But you made…
By Sydney Connelly

Unfriend Him, Her, Them: 6 Reasons To Clean Out Your Facebook Closet

We’ve all done it before. You hover your mouse over the drop-down menu, see the “unfriend” button, debate it for a second and then go in for the kill. It’s only natural. As our lives go on, we weed out the toxic people (or those with whom we continue…
By Sydney Connelly

Love Sick: 6 Types Of Couples Single People Can't Stand To Be Around

Clearly, I’m single. But, I love it. It’s a good time to get to know myself better, and in the words of Anne Perkins, “I’m dating myself right now.” Being single doesn’t mean I hate all couples. Believe it or not, there are a lot of couples who don’t…
By Sydney Connelly

Not A B*tch, Just Bold: 6 Reasons Why I Won't Apologize For Being Me

I’ve been called a bitch more times than I could possibly count, or even imagine counting. Sometimes it’s an insult, sometimes a compliment. Either way, I disagree. Sure, if you use society’s definition of the word -- a bossy, intense and blunt woman…
By Sydney Connelly

7 Comments About Your Ex Your Current GF Doesn't Want To Hear

I, like my girl Taylor Swift, have a long list of ex lovers and no shame whatsoever. Relationships end for many reasons, but all of them aren't horrible. Some simply have many tiny flaws that, in the end, amount to one big, “Hell no.” That was the ca…
By Sydney Connelly

I Hate People: Why I'll Never Work In The Retail Industry Again

After working in retail for almost 10 years, I could write the book on why it's the worst position ever, and also one of the easiest if you're in a pinch for money. But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I don't need 20, 10 or even two reasons w…
By Sydney Connelly

12 Reasons I 'Literally Can't Even' And I Love It

In the past few years, the following words and phrases have become increasingly common (and overused) in every conversation between 15- to 30-year-old women: “I’m dying.” “Literally.” “The worst.” “I hate it.” “I can’t even.” “I can’t.” So much so th…
By Sydney Connelly