Riley Harrington


A 20-something high school English teacher with a passion for cabernet sauvingon, Taco Tuesdays, Shakespeare, and Tim Riggins in no particular order. Former Division II basketball player missing the glory days of athleticism and fast metabolism.

5 Ways Traveling Is Totally Different And More Rewarding Than Vacationing

By Riley Harrington
I spent this summer on the trip of a lifetime. For over a year, I planned and prepared for a five-week backpacking trip around Europe with my college roommate. I researched, read reviews and asked for recommendations. Those five weeks were…

Why You Should Pull A Taylor Swift And Own Your Inner Basic B*tch

By Riley Harrington
Basic: It is a term used these days to categorize (most specifically) white women and alert others that these women are uninteresting, overused, overdone and not worth their time. UrbanDictionary — the most dependable database for the ever-changing…

Vices And Virtues: Why Being Self-Aware Is Vital To Personal Growth

By Riley Harrington
My freshman English class had just finished reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. I decided to ask my students go through this book by character. We analyzed the characters and their traits, their actions and reactions, physical…

5 Reasons Adding A Cat To Your Life Will Make Your 20s Bearable

By Riley Harrington
I’ve never thought of myself as a cat person. They were okay, I guess, but for me a puppy was always the way to go. I never had a pet growing up, as my parents were allergic and we lived in an apartment. But I knew that as soon as I moved out, a pet…

17 Millennials On What Being A 20-Something Means To Them

By Riley Harrington
Having a plan for after graduation definitely helps, and so does a stable and serious relationship, an apartment, a job and a steady income. I have most of those things to varying degrees. I must say this is better than most, but it still doesn’t…

5 Things You Learn About Yourself When Sports Become Your Life

By Riley Harrington
When you decide you're going to be an athlete, you choose to let that sport dictate the trajectory of your life. I don’t mean you casually play pickup with your friends, or you play several sports because you enjoy them. No, I mean when you decide…

#TGIT: The 6 Most Badass Female Characters Of Shondaland

By Riley Harrington
For those who watch TV, Shonda Rhimes needs no introduction. She has created, written and produced many hit TV shows and movies, but her current popularity revolves around the hugely successful TGIT, a three-hour block of pure Shondaland. As she…