Chris Marvel


Chris Marvel is a nationally known Celebrity Life Coach and motivational speaker. He is a Call and Post Columnist and seen on ESPN, FoxSports, Huffington Post, Yahoo! and working with future NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens.

Why You Should Wait 180 Days Before Putting Your New Bae On Social Media

By Chris Marvel
One hundred-eighty days. Yes, six months of silence. Embarking on a new relationship is similar to getting the keys to a new car -- well, without the pending car payment, need for fuel and worry that your friend is going to spill his or her caramel…

Why Kanye And Trump May Have More In Common Than You Think

By Chris Marvel
Kanye West is at it again. His ego led him into a feud with Wiz Khalifa, and all hell broke loose on Twitter. Kanye numbered his insults after seeing a subtweet from Wiz that included the initials “KK.” Kanye took this as a reference to his wife,…

Labor Of Love: How Former Players Can Have Powerful, Married Sex

By Chris Marvel
Power is intoxicating, and those who take shots from it become addicted to its energy. For some time now, I have known the power of being a man. I can be confident in business and in the bedroom. So, I'm going to share the secrets of how I did it…

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over: 3 Reasons You Keep Going Back To Your Ex

By Chris Marvel
Ever wondered why it's difficult to end a toxic relationship? Why is it your friends stay with men or women who treat their luxury watches and Chanel bags better than the loves of their lives? I wondered this for years myself, and I have noticed…

3 Ways To Make Amends With A Friend Who Won't Forgive You

By Chris Marvel
I don’t wanna spend another day pointing fingers while I'm placing blame. I'm no angel, imperfect myself 'cause baby, I am only human. And I don’t wanna put it all on you, I admit I did some painful things, it's true. And I'm sorry for them, no…