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Why Kanye And Trump May Have More In Common Than You Think

Kanye West is at it again.

His ego led him into a feud with Wiz Khalifa, and all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Kanye numbered his insults after seeing a subtweet from Wiz that included the initials “KK.”

Kanye took this as a reference to his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

Kanye then decided this subtweet — paired with prior statements about renaming his upcoming album to Waves — was reason enough to rant in his most legendary form.

I want to break down a few tweets from Yeezy himself.

It’s my assertion that he would want someone to focus in on his words, so that’s how we’ll approach this.

On January 27, he tweeted,

4th you let a stripper trap you.

Ah, the old stripper hook. Kanye is referencing Amber Rose and the conception of her child with Wiz Khalifa.

Now, if you recall, Amber was once Kanye’s girlfriend.

Name-calling someone you once could have married and had a family with is disrespectful.

I take Kanye West to be hip-hop’s version of Donald Trump.

He's self-loathing, entitled and hardworking, yet he is undeserving of the honor he yearns for.

When we listen to Donald Trump call Megyn Kelly from Fox News a bimbo, we should shudder in our seats.

Donald wasn’t happy with Kelly’s approach to his campaign, and he bit back like a rabid dog, not a presidential candidate.

I guess it seems these two powerful and relevant men use name-calling as their weapon of choice.

In the meantime, millions will buy Kanye’s album, and Donald still leads the polls.

He also tweeted,

5th I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.

Tweets live forever, even if you delete them.

By the time you take them down, plenty of people will have already screenshotted them and sent them around.

What will North West think when she reads this in years to come?

Does Ye even care?

In any rap beef, women and children have always been off-limits.

Children should be protected from the boogie man, shadows, loud noises, candy past 9 pm and threatening behavior.

Kanye, in all his glory, lacks the same restraint of his fellow antagonizer, Donald Trump.

But when they speak on anything other than their specialties, both of their egos shrink the intelligence in the room.

Donald has said,

All of the women on 'The Apprentice' flirted with me, consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.

And once again, he leads the polls.

Why am I bringing up Trump?

My take is Kanye's not much different than Donald Trump when it comes to blasting others.

His passion for greatness often puts others on blast and makes them front-page material.

Kanye has mentioned several fashion designers by name after he didn’t feel supported during the infancy of his clothing line.

He took on Nike and its reluctance to massively produce his Air Yeezys.

Trump takes on Mexican people, the LGBTQ+ community, Rosie O’Donnell, President Obama, his fellow candidates and many others with similar levels of disrespect.

I wish we could get the backpack-wearing Kanye back.

He has always created great music.

We love Kanye's infectious smile and his charming South Side boy personality.

And how could you bypass the work ethic of Donald Trump?

He raised buildings and started television shows. He has employed people from around the world for decades.

But more importantly, what we don’t need is more men stepping on women on their way to the top.

We, as men, must uplift our women.

As a black man, I understand what oppression looks like.

We should lead the rally for women.

The Internet is used for many debates, but honestly, after Trump and his demeaning talk against women and now Kanye’s rant, I think enough is enough.

When we don’t speak out, we’re letting women get stepped on.

Tupac said it best:

And when he tells you you ain't nothin', don't believe him. And if he can't learn to love you, you should leave him

I guess now we wait until Kim Kardashian West and the American people quit making excuses for Kanye West and Donald Trump.

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