Alexander Wang


Alex is a graduate from Binghamton University based in Little Neck.Though he can literally walk into Long Island, he stills loves to rep New York City. He is an avid reader, dilettante in men's fashion, a Met's fan, and a foodie. Check out his blog here Cheers!

Why ABC's 'Fresh Off The Boat' Is An Honest Asian American Portrayal

By Alexander Wang
My biggest fear, which I probably shared with millions of other Asian Americans on the edge of their seats while watching ABC’s new sitcom, "Fresh off the Boat," was that it would be, in main character Eddie Huang’s words, "a cornstarch sitcom." It…

5 Reasons Why It's Your Fault That You Have Yet To Get Over Your Ex

By Alexander Wang
It’s inevitable that most of us will eventually go through a breakup. Unless you are of the very small, very lucky demographic, you will go through multiple relationships on your journey to find “the one.” Some of our significant others will make…

The 7 Essential Dudes In Every Man's Inner Circle

By Alexander Wang
In the age of social media, our network is vast, seemingly endless. Through it all, it may be easy to lose yourself in the glam and glitz of having thousands of friends and an infinite number of cliques and circles. However, having consistency in…

It's Not The End Of The World: Tips For Navigating A Terrible Breakup

By Alexander Wang
You and your boyfriend or girlfriend just broke up. Maybe you thought you were going to spend your whole life with this person, and now you feel totally weak. Maybe you saw it coming, or maybe you didn’t — regardless, your new, single life will…

The Lost Art: 7 Simple Ways To Be A Gentleman

By Alexander Wang
In today's fast-paced culture, chivalry has become almost nonexistent. Long gone are the heralded and lauded acts of kindness and chivalry that made men gentlemen, rather, that have given way to a culture that has fostered detachment from…