The 7 Essential Dudes In Every Man's Inner Circle


In the age of social media, our network is vast, seemingly endless.

Through it all, it may be easy to lose yourself in the glam and glitz of having thousands of friends and an infinite number of cliques and circles.

However, having consistency in life is important, as well as having a steady and trustworthy group of friends. These are the seven types of friends every guy should have in his life:

1. The Fitness Fanatic

In today’s world, it is easy to be caught up in physical complacency. When you work a 9 to 5, spend two hours on a commute and have to cook your own meals, it is so tempting to just lay on your couch after a long, stressful day at the office and indulge in mindless television. That’s why it is imperative every guy has a fitness fanatic friend to motivate him.

The FFF will be your personal trainer and motivational guide for your commitment towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

He will (preferably) be much more knowledgeable than you when it comes to the ins and outs of the gym, as well as the confusing trappings of nutrition.

This is the friend who wakes up every day for a 6 am workout, no matter what happened the day before.

He will make you second-guess yourself while reaching for the bowl of nachos, or will continually pester you to join him for one of his ironman, four-hour workouts so often that it will be easier to go with him than to continually dodge his invitations.

If you want to play sports or try some bikram yoga, have no fear, the FFF will be right by your side. From correcting your eagle pose to reminding you to tuck your elbow in for the jumper, the FFF will always be down to improve your physical wellbeing through the medium of exercise.

2. The Handyman

The handyman is an essential pal to have around. This is the friend you call when you have to lay down some new drywall or when you don't know why your car is making that squeaking noise.

This friend is seemingly a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to pragmatic, everyman knowledge.

The handyman will not be pretentious and will be more than willing to show you how to change your own oil, which you will probably forget as soon as the process is done.

He is one of the more valuable types of friends out there, but be wary of falling into that easy trap of him doing everything for you.

There is a fine line between a casual hangout with a buddy helping you around the house, and someone actually doing all the work for you.

If he does do some projects for you, be sure to show him some sort of appreciation, whether it be picking up the tab when you guys go out for dinner, or treating him to drinks.

3. The Barber

While, for most guys, barbers aren't usually considered members of the friend tier, it is imperative that every guy has a trusted barber to go to.

Your barber is the only one you can trust with your hair and your familiarity with each other should be intimate enough where you can greet each other by name while you ask for "the usual."

This is the guy who can help ease your mind before a stressful interview, a night out on the town or a first date, because he always helps you look sharp. 

Also, do not forget to tip well.

4. The Bachelor

Ahh, the bachelor. This friend is the envy of many married men and the go-to raconteur of the group because everyone will live vicariously through his adventures.

The bachelor refuses to settle down for whatever reason and will always be propelled by his joie de vivire and insatiable lust.

This is the mate you call when you decide to have a reckless night out if you're suffering from a horrible breakup, or when everyone else is busy, because let's be honest, the bachelor probably has a pretty free schedule.

He's the one who reminds you of your interests and passions before you settled down. He convinces you to impulsively join a Spartan Race or fly to Vegas.

He provides a much needed boost of masculine energy in your otherwise tame life. However, do not take the bachelor friend for granted.

Just because he is always down to party and will usually be free does not mean you can abuse the relationship. A friendship is a two-way street.

5. The Mentor

The mentor is probably the hardest friend to find on the list. The ideal mentor will be older, more successful, more experienced and be willing to teach you everything he knows.

He will warn you when you're about to make a business mistake, give you career advice and general tips on how to grow, both professionally and personally.

The mentor is not afraid to shell out constructive criticism. He calls it as he sees it; his aim isn’t to hurt, but rather to inform and teach you. Though sometimes his critiques may be blunt and harsh, he has your best interests at heart.

This friend is probably not your favorite one, but he is just as vital, if not more so, than anyone on this list.

6. The Protégé

The protégé helps a man come full circle after he's met his mentor. Every guy out there needs to learn patience, and one of the best ways to gain the skill is by teaching someone. A man needs a protégé to pass on his life experiences to and keep him young. 

People grow old and are often times forgotten, but one way to cement your legacy is through mentoring.

7. The Best Friend

Last but not least, we come to the best friend. This is the guy who (besides the bachelor) you can call anytime of the day and ask him to drop everything and be there for you.

This is the Jeremy Renner to your Ben Affleck in "The Town," in which Affleck asks Renner to come with him, no questions asked, to kick some dude’s ass.

The best friend has probably wiped vomit off your clothes after a night out, been by your side while your team won the World Series (I’m still waiting BTW, Mets) or maybe even spent a night in the drunk tank with you.

You guys probably have a tradition for all the major holidays, and this is the guy who will be your best man and the godfather to your kids. He's the brother you never had.

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop