Your Venus In Taurus 2019 Love Horoscope Will Remind You It's The Little Things That Count

If you're trying to use astrology to better understand your love life, look to Venus. This is the planet of love and luxury, so Venus governs the way you flirt, your romantic taste, and the way you receive affection. As Venus moves throughout each sign in the zodiac, she alters and changes the way love is perceived. Luckily, Venus is about to enter one of her favorite zodiac signs of all, so ready your big, fluttering hearts. From May 15 to June 8, your Venus in Taurus 2019 love horoscope will flood you with a simple and sensual infatuation.

Remember that Venus is Taurus' ruling planet, so when Venus is in this fixed earth sign, her powers are exalted and pronounced. While here, Venus is concerned with what titillates her five senses. She loves the way things smell, feel, taste, and sound. As you can imagine, this makes physical connection extra satisfying, so think back rubs and long hours of tender, patient sex. However, Venus doesn't want to just physically connect with anyone when she's in Taurus. She wants to select her partner carefully and above all, she wants someone who is loyal and exceedingly devoted to her. Venus in Taurus is all about being considerate, showing your appreciation, taking your time, and making things official. Get ready, all you lovesick angels. Venus in Taurus is gonna feel so good.


This is a beautiful time to spend some money on yourself or even purchase your lover a romantic gift. Focus on creating a more stable and secure life. Remember that love is more than just an exhilarating feeling. It's about knowing that someone will always be there for you.


Remember that a partnership doesn't mean that you should forget yourself. Use this time to truly embrace falling in love with yourself. Do what makes you happy and pamper yourself with respect. You're incredibly attractive right now, so let someone fall for the real you.


No one knows what love is like behind closed doors, and now, you're interested in a more private and spiritual love affair. You want to feel like you're the only two people in the world. A secret admirer may be dreaming of you right now and it's time for the truth to come to light.


Your idea of love is extending far beyond an isolated partnership. You want to fall in love with all sorts of people and make new connections. You're likely to meet a potential lover through mutual friends. Your heart wants you to be friends with someone before taking it to the next level.


You're feeling romantic about your career right now and attracting all sorts of positive praise and admiration. Use this energy to truly work a room. You might meet a potential lover through work right now. Open yourself up to someone who has similar goals as you and understands you.


You want don't just want any lover, you want a partner in crime; someone who understands your need for variety and experience. Go on an adventure with your partner. If you're single, you might just meet someone during your escapades. This is not the time to be tied down to one place.


You're done with superficial romance and anything that looks "good on paper." You desire a deep and irrevocable connection and you want someone who's willing to work themselves deep into your heart. You're bound to have some truly transcendent sex during this time, so enjoy it.


You no longer want to play games or play the field. You want to establish a commitment with someone who is loyal and real. You could enter a new relationship during this time, and if you're already in one, it could mean it's time to either take it to the next level or move on.


Right now, you're feeling in love with your priorities and you're in the mood to get your life together. This is a great time to be productive with your partner and focus on building something together. It's possible that a workplace romance could also unfold during this time.


You're feeling incredibly flirtatious and in the mood to have fun right now. This is a beautiful time to keep your options open and date around. If you're already in a relationship, make sure you're going on exciting dates and keeping things creative. Try something frisky in bed.


You want a relationship that's based on comfort, love, and tender, loving care. You don't want something on-and-off again or based only on hooking up. This is a beautiful time to introduce your lover to your relatives. You're feeling ready to build a home with someone or start a family.


You desire an intellectual connection. Screw pleasantries and clichés. You want someone who can truly stimulate your mind and have a fascinating conversation with you. You're an expert flirt right now so revel in your charm. And keep your eyes peeled: You could meet someone through a sibling or neighbor.