Venus Is In Aries Is Here To Give You The Action-Packed Love Life You've Been Craving

Time to blow off some steam. The sun is beaming through sizzling Aries, and gorgeous Venus, planet of love, beauty and relationships, joins the sun in the sign of the ram on Saturday, Apr. 20. Looking for the one? I've got your Venus in Aries 2019 love horoscope right here, and just so you know, everyone is in their right to embrace the contagious zealousness of this cardinal fire sign. However, before we get to your individual horoscopes, let's take a closer look at this warrior-like sign, and how the goddess of love will express herself via Mars' red-hot territory.

Warrior-like Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of aggression, assertion, BDE, and physical expression. Also, IDK about you, but every single Aries I know is naturally competitive, and a leader at heart. This, of course, is no coincidence. I mean... can you even blame them? Imagine being born with Mars' animalistic ways, fueling your every move. Needless to say, this cardinal fire sign prefers to take initiative, and act on impulse. Although, something else I want to mention is, Aries will never back down from a challenge. So much so, their warrior mentality, and fighting spirit, naturally thrives on confrontation.

The energy of irresistible Venus, however, couldn't be more different. For instance, whenever I look at a couple astrological compatibility, the first thing that usually catches my eye is the contact between Mars and Venus. Now, to each is own, but in my opinion, this is more of a "traditional" approach, in the sense that Mars is technically providing the more dominant energy, while Venus is the docile one. However, the topic of gender is ever-evolving, so I like to make room for both feminine and masculine energies to flow through, despite the foundational approach. Besides, why do women (Venus) have to be docile?

Anyway, I digress. The message I'm trying to convey is the following: If Mars is in Taurus or Libra, there is a blending of both Mars and Venus, as those are Venus' signs of rulership; the same thing happens when Venus is in Aries, as Mars is Aries' planetary ruler. I believe this combination of energies ultimately proves that we are in our right to embrace both feminine and masculine energies, despite the whole "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" mentality. In the end, Venus in Aries is here to remind us of the beauty in our carnal instincts.

In fact, fellow Venus in Aries, and late Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor couldn't have said it better: "I've always admitted that I'm ruled by my passions." So, with that said, feel free to embrace your inner Liz Taylor, and BDE, during this time.

In the meantime, here's what Venus in Aries has in store for you:

Aries: You're A Smoldering Temptress

Love yourself first, Aries. You can have anything you want this season. You're a powerful being, and a forced to be reckoned with. The ball is on your court, so go ahead and make a move. I double dare you.

Taurus: You're Entranced By Your Desires

Boundaries are important, Taurus. Do they deserve you? Your beauty speaks for itself, but it's time you revel in your secret desires, and release the she wolf you keep behind closed doors.

Gemini: You're Bringing The Fire

Flirting is fun, Gemini. You're as rebellious as ever during this time, and your red-hot charisma is thriving amongst the crowd. New friends? Some might find your BDE intimidating, but that's not your problem.

Cancer: You're Audacious And You Know It

You're the boss, Cancer. You're as assertive as ever, and you're even starting to get noticed by your higher ups. Don't be afraid to take charge during this time. The hotties at work will love it.

Leo: You're A Fearless Wanderer

Revel in the unknown, Leo. You're as spicy as ever these days, and on the hunt to fuel your most exotic desires. An impromptu romance while traveling, or an exhilarating escapade with an attractive foreigner is very likely.

Virgo: You're A Daring Thrill Seeker

Go where the wind takes you, Virgo. You're searching for the fire in every experience, and you are craving intense physical contact. Those involved in sports, medicine, and psychology will make your mouth water.

Libra: You're Embracing Your Independence

You're as confident as ever, Libra. Whether you're single or coupled, there's nothing getting in the way of the independence you crave. Have a good time, and don't be afraid to take charge in your relationships.

Scorpio: You're A Boss Babe

You're taking it day by day, Scorpio. Aside from the fiery surge of inspiration you are feeling on the daily, your colleagues also can't seem to get enough. There is love for you in the workplace, and at the gym.

Sagittarius: It's A Love Game

Leading them on much, Sagittarius? Spontaneous love affairs are very likely during this time, and you will be glowing with sizzling charisma. Coupled Sag's could spice things up in their relationship, too.

Capricorn: You're Fueling Your Passions

You're done holding back, Capricorn. Whether you're looking for love, or in a serious relationship, you can't deny the fire burning within you. Beware of unnecessary quarrels... unless they lead to make-up sex.

Aquarius: You're Having Exhilarating Exchanges

Talk that talk, Aquarius. Your Instagram DMs are on fire, but there are also opportunities for love in your local neighborhood. Aggressive flirting, and sexy conversations are very likely. Don't be afraid to be assertive.

Pisces: You're Indulging On Life

Shop till you drop, Pisces. Aside from being under the spell of your own impulsive spending habits during this time, you're also feeling highly passionate about your partnerships, and what brings you most pleasure. Enjoy.