Lesbian couple on Valentine's Day

Your Valentine's Day Horoscope Is Sizzling With Passion, But There's A Catch

by Valerie Mesa

With the most romantic day of the year approaching, it's time to prepare you for the best and worst to come. That's why I'm here to bestow your Valentine's Day 2020 horoscope upon you. Considering Feb. 14 will be supercharged with smoldering passion this year, the vibes are going to be a little different than previous years, so don't get your hopes up.

In case you haven't noticed, the world is in the midst of a powerful revolution and this "celestial chaos" is also reflecting onto your personal lives. Keep in mind, you also recently experienced a potent lunar eclipse, which means the effects will continue brewing throughout the next couple of months.

The moon will be in Scorpio on Valentine's Day — which is both incredibly passionate and jealous AF — and the sun will be in freedom-loving Aquarius. Ironically, both of these energies square each other, which automatically adds tension. The sun is the ego, and the moon is your emotions.

On another note, Lady Venus — planet of love and beauty — will also be challenged by Jupiter and the nodes of the moon, which means there will be fated connections and much-needed transformation taking place, especially in regard to your one-on-one partnerships.


Aries: You're A Bit Stressed Out

With Lady Venus shaking her tailfeather in your sign, you'll be as magnetic as ever... but there's a catch. This sultry energy will feel challenged by Saturn-Pluto's wrath via your career sector, and the moon in Scorpio will only intensify the situation. It's up to you how you handle it, but I would definitely be cautious of mixing business with pleasure during this time, especially if you've been entertaining the idea of dating someone at work, or worse, within your friendship sector.

Taurus: You're Hiding Something

Crushing on a certain someone, Taurus? Not trying to make assumptions here, but with your ruling planet traveling through your secretive 12th house of all things behind the scenes, that could definitely be a possibility. This goes for both single and coupled bulls, but that moon in smoldering Scorpio via your committed partnership sector will likely have you preoccupied with your one-on-one relationships.

Gemini: You're Crushing And Mingling

You always win biggest flirt, Gemini. The best part about it is, the sun will be in a fellow air sign Aquarius, which means you'll be in your element. However, with the moon in possessive Scorpio via your orderly sixth house of due diligence, this energy could also put a damper on your Valentine's Day adventures, whether it be because of work or general responsibilities.

On a brighter note, Lady Venus will be sizzling via your friendship sector, so this is a good time to mingle and connect.

Cancer: You're Sassy And Feisty

With the moon in smoldering Scorpio shaking up your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and fun, there's no doubt you'll be feeling some type of way. Although, your Valentine's Day mojo will inevitably be challenged by the sun in your eighth house of give and take. Is your Valentine meeting you halfway and vice versa?

Funny enough, Venus in Aries — in your career sector — will be challenged by Saturn-Pluto via your seventh house of committed partnerships. Time to reflect on your situation, Cancer.


Leo: You're Figuring Things Out

Not in the mood, Leo? This is an interesting energy, considering the sun will be shedding light on your seventh house of partnerships amidst being challenged by the moon in your domestic fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. Are you being authentic with your feelings or is your pride getting in the way?

Meanwhile, Venus will be on an adventure via your ninth house of expansion and travel, while Saturn-Pluto set the record straight via your orderly sixth house of due diligence. It's time to get situated.

Virgo: You're As Sultry As Ever

Your sex appeal is through the roof these days, Virgo. This is all thanks to Venus in Aries bringing the fire to your sultry eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and transformation. Although, it will also be challenged by a square to Saturn-Pluto via your expressive fifth house of fame, romance, and ego. Are you not getting the attention you've been craving?

On Valentine's Day, the sun in Aquarius will shed light on your due diligence and the moon will intensify your thought process and conversations. Stay grounded, Virgo.

Libra: It Feels Like Forbidden Love

Let me guess, Libra. You want what you can't have? It's going to be an interesting Valentine's Day, especially with the sun in Aquarius via your flirtatious fifth house of romance and the moon in Scorpio shaking up your pleasure-seeking second house of money and self-esteem. I know your love don't cost a thing, but does this person measure up to your self-worth?

Your luscious planetary ruler Venus will be dancing via your committed partnership sector, but this will be challenged by Saturn-Pluto via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. Your intuition knows what time it is, Libra.

Scorpio: You're In One Of Your Moods

Just because you're in a bad mood doesn't mean the world needs a piece of your wrath, Scorpio. Cheer up. Sure, the moon in your sign will be challenged by the sun in your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional intelligence, so that can't be easy. You could be experiencing a tug of war between your Valentine's Day mood vs. your gut intuition. If you feel like staying home, listen to your body and call it a night. Otherwise, Venus in Aries via your orderly sixth house will add charm to your daily routine, so feel free to take advantage of this sudden desire to Marie Kondo your living space!


Sagittarius: You're Owning Your Worth

Enough is enough, Sagittarius. This year is all about doing what feels right and indulging in the goodness you deserve. The good news is, Venus will be sashaying through your flirty fifth house of love, romance, creativity, and expression, so you'll definitely be feeling some type of way. However, this lovely burst of confidence will be challenged by Saturn-Pluto via your second house of finances and self-worth, which means you'll likely come to a cross roads in terms of what feels right vs. what's actually working for you.

Also, the sun in Aquarius via your chatty third house of communication will inspire you to rebel and think outside the box, but with the moon in smoldering Scorpio hovering over your intuitive 12th house of spirit, your higher self will tell you otherwise. Listen to it.

Capricorn: You're Feeling The Love

If there's anyone in the zodiac who knows what time it is, literally and figuratively, it's you. Luckily, with Venus singing sweet melodies via your domestic fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, you'll be gifted with a harmonious burst of feels stemming from within, and that's always a nice pick-me-up. However, with Saturn-Pluto in your sign, you might feel pressured to take the more serious approach during this time. Follow your heart, Capricorn.

The moon will be in Scorpio — via your 11th house of friendships, teams, tribes, and sense of belonging — while the sun sheds light on your second house of finances, self-worth, and unique possessions. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Period.

Aquarius: You're Having Second Thoughts

Breathe in the air, Aquarius. It's your birthday season and you are swirling with charisma. However, with Saturn-Pluto weighing down on your subconscious mind, it might be a bit challenging to go with the flow as you normally would.

Venus in Aries is in the midst of inspiring you mentally while charming your immediate surroundings, but there's still something on your mind you need to acknowledge. Then again, with the moon in smoldering Scorpio — shedding light on your career sector and general sense of authority — this could likely revolve around your independence and ability to take charge of a certain situation. You got this, Aquarius.

Pisces: You're Indulging In The Moment

Wanderlust is an understatement, Pisces. With the moon traveling through your expansive ninth house of education, higher learning, and unknown territory, you're looking toward the the horizon with passion and an incredible amount of focus. Then again, the sun in eccentric Aquarius is shedding light on your "logical" burdens, which could stifle your overall sense of freedom. Don't stress this energy. Instead, use the innovative electricity of Aquarius to brainstorm on ways to set your spirit free, literally and figuratively speaking.

Venus in Aries will remind you of the things that bring you pleasure this Valentine's Day, so don't fall for Saturn-Pluto's peer pressure stemming from your 11th house of friendship groups, OK? Enjoy the present.