Woman making heart shape with her hands over full moon.

You're Experiencing An Emotional Wave In Your September 9 Weekly Horoscope


The cosmos are surging forward and an emotional wave is cresting. This week, you might feel as though the unavoidable is coming into focus. Your true feelings are revealing themselves, no matter how much you'd rather suppress them. Your September 9, 2019 weekly horoscope is here to help you make sense of what's simmering beneath the surface. Even if your defenses are flared up and your sensitivities are triggered, there is something to be gleaned from the strange state of your heart.

However, the cosmos are also supporting you through the process. On Sept. 9, Mars — planet of courage and vitality — will form a trine with steady and committed Saturn. This gives you a sense of direction and a willingness to stay focused on your goals. It's a beautiful time to set your sights on reaching the end of the finish line. When the sun forms a trine with transformative Pluto on Sept. 13, you can pull strength from your shadow and do something incredibly powerful and unexpected. Even if you're at rock bottom, know that only the strongest deep-sea creatures can survive there. A square between Mars and expansive Jupiter on Sept. 12 will encourage you to swim to the surface and follow the light.

Despite all this energy pulling you forward, you might feel confused and stressed out about the present. On Sept. 10, the sun is forming an opposition to dreamy and sensitive Neptune, which challenges everything you think you know. Remember, Neptune is known for distorting the truth, so just because things seem a certain way doesn't necessarily mean they are. When Mars later forms an opposition with Neptune on Sept. 14, it might deplete your energy or leave you feeling distracted.

This confusion acts as an overlay to the full moon in Pisces, aka Harvest Moon 2019, that's slated to radiate through the night on Sept. 14. This full moon amps up the spirituality, fantasy, and compassion, as it forms a conjunction with Neptune. The emotional outpour that may inevitably ensue is perfect for creative exploration and healing. Take care of your heart and choose kindness over everything.



This week, the theme will be learning how to balance the real world with the fantasy world you escape to. No matter how organized your routine is and how well you're keeping up with your to-do list, there's a spiritual center to your life that cannot be scheduled. Allow yourself to let go of control and look within. There is so much healing and beauty to be found.


Your heart is drifting over to the collective consciousness. You're feeling inspired to take care of others and place the needs of the greater good above your own. You have the power to make some deep connections this week, as well as let go of connections that don't serve your highest purpose. Don't be afraid of becoming the leader you're meant to become.


There's a big chance for a career breakthrough this week. You're fighting for what you deserve and your vision is coming into focus. You have all the power to put yourself out there and assert yourself. Use this energy to charge out of your comfort zone, no matter how much you feel like staying there. Even if it results in failure, pick yourself up and try again.


You're immersing yourself in the process of learning, accomplishing, and communicating. However, you may have been concentrating on some of the wrong things. Now's the time to take a step back and realize there's so much more to the big picture. There are opportunities in unexpected places that await you. Remain open and be brave.



You've been focusing on tangible ways to create stability in your life. You could be refining your finances, working on your self-worth, or making some deserved purchases. But this doesn't always solve the problem of your emotional stability, which comes from the heart. Rethink your relationship with love. Let go of codependent patterns and fear of intimacy.


Your relationships are coming to your attention this week. You're feeling emotional, sensitive, and compassionate toward others. You want to give, but it's important you receive in return. Think about what constitutes your ideal relationship. How are you inviting that energy into your life and how can you find a balance between independence and partnership?


You've been existing in your own little world lately and tending to your emotional inner world. None of this is easy, as it brings up memories from your past and wounds that still require healing. However, this week, you're learning what you can do to heal on a practical level. Reach out into your physical reality and know you can take measures to improve your life.


You're being flushed with romantic and creative energy. It's time to focus on your self-expression. You deserve to be the center of attention and appreciated for the person you are. Are you allowing yourself to let go and create without inhibition? There is a world of color existing inside you. Let no one place rules or regulations on your inner beauty.



You're learning how to strike a balance between your career and your home life this week. You've been out and about making major moves, but there's something sensitive going on in your heart. It's encouraging you to take a break and rediscover a sense of emotional nurturing. Remember to tend to your sacred space, as there must always be a place to return to safely.


You've been galavanting about and learning how to let go of your fear of the unknown. You've discovered so much throughout the process. Now, it's time to emotionally connect to a topic or project what has been gripping your heart. Learn more about it, talk to people about it, and begin understanding how to flesh this idea out. It's an idea worth exploring.


You've been undergoing a majorly transformative process of letting go of the old to make room for the new. This is difficult, as you're saying goodbye to something that once meant a lot to you. Now, you're making space for something else to begin. Start building the groundwork for something new and quit worrying about the past. Build one brick at a time.


You've been extending yourself and giving to others. However, you may be giving too much and receiving too little. You may even be allowing a relationship to become the central feature of your identity. Now's the time to let go of attachments and own the person you are — the person who sits at your core, unchanged by the circumstances surrounding them. Embrace your truth.