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Brace Yourselves, Your September 7 Horoscope Is All About Mars Retrograde


Get ready, because this week is the beginning of a long, strange, and chaotic journey. Virgo season has only just begun and you're already being pushed to grow and expand in ways you've never imagined. Luckily, your September 7, 2020 weekly horoscope contains everything you need to know about what comes next. Remember, no matter what the universe is putting you through, it never leaves you without all the tools you need to get through it.

The week begins with the sun forming a trine to optimistic and adventurous Jupiter on Sept. 9 at 12:03 p.m. ET. Jupiter's motto is "the bigger, the better," and this week, you're being encouraged to make the most out of the present moment and drink the potion of life all the way down to the dregs. Spontaneous opportunities will arrive in your lap, so you should take a step out of your comfort zone and try something new. At best, this opportunity will take you exactly where you need to be. At worst, it will be a memory you'll never forget.

However, just a few hours later (at 6:22 p.m. ET, to be exact), Mars — planet of conflict, war, passion, and aggression — will station retrograde. On average, this retrograde only takes place every 25 months, making it the rarest retrograde of all. And good thing it's rare, because it's certainly no picnic. Taking place in competitive and hot-headed Aries, this retrograde will encourage frustration, temperatures to rise, and tongues to go off. Prepare to feel a little bit feistier and more easily angered than usual. However, this is also your chance to rethink the way you deal with conflict. Mars retrograde could also cause you to feel like a deflated balloon (especially in the bedroom), making you struggle harder to find inspiration. If you're struggling to feel motivated, you have Mars retrograde to blame. This experience will help you rediscover the fire of your passion, as you'll have to fight even harder for it.

Confusions will intensify as the sun forms an opposition to dreamy, hazy, and out-of-it Neptune on Sept. 11. This disorienting transit may make you feel like withdrawing into your safe cocoon where you can't be hurt. Heightening sensitivities and lowering your guard, you may be taking things personally when you shouldn't, so remember remove your ego from the situation.

Fortunately, Jupiter — planet of adventure and spontaneity — stations direct on Sept. 12, ending a long retrograde that began on May 14. This retrograde encouraged you to embrace spiritual growth and introspective expansion. Now that Jupiter is up and running in its usual splendor once again, you'll get to see what all that internal work has amounted to. With Jupiter unleashed from its retreat, the ball is rolling once again and positive reinforcement is on the way.



You may feel as though your status is being challenged. Is your insecurity making you feel like you need to prove yourself? Are you comparing yourself to others? Keep your eyes on your own work, Aries. It doesn't matter what people are or aren't doing. Use this as an opportunity to rethink the routines and regimens you abide by. Are they bringing out your potential?


Are you having trouble connecting with others at the moment, Taurus? Do you feel like you're all alone with your problems? You're spending quality time with yourself and understanding who you are when no one else is watching. Practice bringing some of that authenticity out of secrecy, because controlling and criticizing yourself is stomping out inspiration before it's had a chance to take root.


You may feel as though your standing in your community is losing its strength, Gemini. However, ask yourself why these people's approval matters. Think more deeply about who truly has your back and who doesn't. Don't let people who would never be there for you take up too much of your energy. Protect your heart from being depleted. Share it with your closest loved ones first.


You may feel unhappy with your career at the moment, Cancer. You may feel like nothing is moving fast enough and you're not making strides. You may feel like you're chasing pipe dreams rather than the real thing. Use this time to brainstorm and reconnect with your true goals. If you could only accomplish one thing, what would it be? Now pour your whole heart into that thing.



You may feel restless, as though you're trapped in a corner and you can't spread your wings. There's a whole world out there and something is preventing you from exploring it, Leo. Maybe now's not the time for a journey far away from home. Maybe now is the time to allow roots to grow beneath you; to build a foundation sturdy enough to support you through all the adventures in your future.


You may feel as though you don't have control over the things you love, Virgo. It may be bringing up feelings of jealousy, causing your past experiences of abandonment to color your perception of right now. Remember that if they truly love you, they'll never leave; and if you truly love them, set them free, knowing they will come back. Stop selling yourself so short.


You may be experiencing repeated patterns in your relationships, Libra. There may be a conflict that continues to surface or a cycle that you can't seem to break. It's time to identify your instincts and impulses that are contributing to the recurrence of this pattern. Acknowledging your part in the situation is the first step to diffusing the problem. All you have control over is yourself.


You've got your work cut out for you, Scorpio. Getting through the day may feel like a success in and of itself lately and you may feel pressed to rely on shortcuts and vices in order to get by. While these decisions may work for the short term, you're beginning to see the long-term consequences of putting off true growth. Start by making one healthy decision at a time and watch how they all add up.



You're on the right track and you're achieving enough success to attract envy, Sagittarius. However, you may not believe in your work or feel like you're successful at all. This is because you may be avoiding your true calling, leaving you feeling uninspired in your field. It's time to inject your current trajectory with something you're actually passionate about.


Longstanding conflicts and resentments from your home and family may be coming back to haunt you, Capricorn. Leaving things unsaid is keeping a burden placed firmly on your shoulders. It's time to acknowledge what's wrong, but do so in a way that reflects the mature individual you're becoming. Don't wait until you're about to reach a boiling point. Address the problem when you're calm.


It's time to think more deeply about the way you're communicating your intentions, Aquarius. You may be repressing your true feelings before releasing it all like a wave of emotion. There's nothing weak about speaking true to your heart. In fact, it reflects a confidence that cannot be shaken. Trust that when you speak, you are being heard. Remember that listening is just as important.


You may be dealing with sudden changes in your livelihood, Pisces. This could leave to sudden losses and unpredictable gains. Regardless of what happens, it may feel as though the ground beneath you is constantly shifting, leaving you feeling off-kilter. It's time to acknowledge the difference between what you want and what you need. Too much is not that different from too little.