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Your September Tarotscope Contains All The Answers To Your Future

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Astrology and tarot cards are merely tools for introspection and spiritual exploration. While astrology is the spiritual analysis of planetary movement and the patterns, the tarot allows your intuition to connect with the imagery and meaning behind each card, giving you your answers. Both mediums allow you to unveil the deeper meanings in your life that have yet to be discovered, empowering you to make better decisions as you go forward. While a horoscope may describe everything that astrology has in store for the future, a tarotscope divulges what the tarot has to say instead. If you use a combination of both, you'll get an even bigger picture of everything that's happening. That's where your September 2020 monthly tarotscope comes in.

For this tarotscope, I've randomly (and intuitively) selected a card for each zodiac sign. This card will represent the challenges, rewards, strengths, and weaknesses that will follow you through the month ahead. September will be one of the most intense months out of the year, as Mars — planet of conflict and war — stations retrograde on Sept. 9, bringing aggressions to the surface and driving frustrations to reach boiling points. Based on your zodiac sign, this tarotscope contains valuable advice that will help you conquer the month ahead instead of allow it to conquer you.


Aries: Five Of Pentacles

You may lose something that matters to you this month, forcing you to subsist and rely on a lot less than you're used to. This dramatic shift could leave you feeling hopeless, but you should not let this rock you away from your center. This is a temporary setback and you'll be back on your feet before you know it. Try not to take this too personally. It happens to the best of us.

Taurus: Two Of Swords

You're reaching a crossroads in life and a decision has to be made. However, you've been weighing the risks of each option and there are setbacks no matter which road you decide to take. You may procrastinate this decision, terrified of making the wrong choice. But you're forgetting to consider the beauty that each decision holds. Flip a coin and have faith in your future.

Gemini: Knight Of Pentacles

You've been working hard and trudging along, following your plan and committing to a routine. At times, you may feel this routine is monotonous and you may feel tempted to deviate from all your progress, but you shouldn't. You're this close to reaching a major milestone, and if you lose your focus now, you'll have done all this work for nothing.

Cancer: Ten Of Wands

This is not the month to be lazy, as you're being given a major opportunity. If you procrastinate, you may pass it up. Create a plan, remain dedicated to your work, and be willing to sacrifice your free time in order to get ahead. You won't be working hard forever, but you should be working hard right now. Something beautiful waits for you at the finish line.


Leo: Eight Of Wands

You used to complain that nothing was happening fast enough, but now, everything is happening all at once. This month, you're more busy than you've been in a long time. All the tasks and responsibilities you were hoping to have are arriving right on time — but it's a lot. You may feel like taking on less work because of how daunting it all looks. Trust yourself. You can handle it.

Virgo: The Magician

Your spiritual and psychic abilities are reverberating with power. You have the power of manifestation at your fingertips. If you're into witchcraft and casting spells, now is the time to grab your tools and perform a ritual. If you're into prayer, now's the time to pray. If you're not into either, make sure you spend this month visualizing your desired outcome and your ultimate dream come true.

Libra: The Chariot

What have you been waiting for? Are you waiting for a sign? Well, this tarot card is your sign. It's time to take charge and take matters into your own hands. This month, you're making your own fate. When you see opportunities, grab onto them. Think creatively about new ways to do things. Don't be afraid of taking risks. This month is all about action, so stay action-packed.

Scorpio: The Star

You've survived so much destruction and terror in recent months. Your whole life may have been uprooted and everything has changed. If it's been difficult to have hope, this tarot card is showing you a star in all the darkness. Follow that star. You're on your way to something beautiful and it will be that much more beautiful because of everything you've had to endure to get there.


Sagittarius: The Hanged Man

Everything may seem bleak right now, but you're not looking at things from the right perspective. You're only seeing everything that's negative or difficult, when in fact, there is so much beauty that you're overlooking. Make a point of looking at things in a new light, because not only will everything look better, but you'll see new opportunities that weren't there before.

Capricorn: The High Priestess

Trust your intuition. You should always trust your intuition, but this month is testing your ability to trust it. Your intuition may not always make sense. In fact, it may run counter to everything everyone is telling you. Logic may even move against it. But a gut feeling is not something to be ignored. Take a deep breath and ask your intuition what it's trying to tell you.

Aquarius: Eight Of Swords

It may feel like the walls are closing in on you. You're being faced with one dilemma after another so quickly that you barely have time to breathe. However, you don't realize how many of these dilemmas are your own creation. You could leave the darkness whenever you choose. Instead, you've found comfort in the darkness. Maybe it's all you know. Now, it's time to get to know the light.

Pisces: Ten Of Swords

You're reaching the end of a long and dark road. It's taken so much pain to get here and watching this chapter come to an end is just as painful. Take this month to give yourself time to mourn whatever it is you're saying goodbye to. There's nothing wrong with feeling your feelings, even if those feelings may feel wrong. Healing begins by acknowledging your hurt. Allow yourself to heal.

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