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Exciting Things Are Happening In Your October 5 Weekly Horoscope


In case you haven't noticed, things have really been dragging on in the world of astrology. This is all thanks to Mars — planet of ambition, passion, and drive — being retrograde, which is really slowing things down to the point of frustration. You may feel exhausted by all the monotony and all the obstacles that seem to be standing in your way. Luckily, your October 5, 2020 weekly horoscope is here and it's definitely stirring the pot. While some of the surprises in store may throw you for a loop, they'll mostly inject some much needed excitement into your life.

However, you might feel a bit restless when messenger Mercury forms an opposition with unpredictable and innovative Uranus on Oct. 7. This transit may give you the sense that anything could change at any moment, leaving you a bit nervous. On the plus side, it's a beautiful time to brainstorm, learn new things, and have stimulating conversations. You should still try to find ways to calm your mind and settle into the present moment, because your brain may be moving so fast that it's difficult to keep up.

You may feel way more sensitive than usual and possibly even a bit defeated when Mars retrograde squares off with dark and transformative Pluto on Oct. 9. You may be facing so many boundaries at the moment and there could be a lot holding you back, and yet, all you want to do is become successful. You may be extra hard on yourself for not being further ahead in the game than you are, and you could spend time comparing yourself to others. Remember, you're exactly where you're meant to be right now and everyone's journey looks different. Spend time reconnecting with your passion rather than expecting major improvements to happen overnight.

Luckily, things take a turn for the better toward the end of the week. Venus — planet of love and friendship — will form a trine with innovative and individualistic Uranus on Oct. 10. This may introduce new and interesting people into your life, creating the opportunity for friendships that inspire you to no end. It will also encourage you to be your most authentic self and do what you want to do, regardless of how others judge you for it. That instinct to embrace your desires will heighten even more when the sun in Libra squares off with expansive and adventurous Jupiter on Oct. 11. This ends the week on a high note, making you crave new experiences and live by the words "carpe diem."



Try not to focus so much on your failings and mistakes this week. Setbacks are all part of the process. They make the success that inevitably follows when you refuse to give up so meaningful. Instead, remain open to love, because it will remind you of what truly matters. Embrace the things that you learn from your mistakes, because it will set you off on an exciting and surprising path.


You may feel like difficult memories from your past are coming up again. Have you ever given yourself a chance to feel them? To forgive yourself for what happened? Try channeling these feelings into something creative or pleasurable. Give new self-care regimens a shot. You're discovering that you have the power to take care of yourself and make better decisions for yourself.


Does it feel like you're struggling to be noticed by those you care about? Does it feel like your dreams are being ignored? It may be time to assert yourself and demand a place that cannot be taken away from you. You deserve the opportunity to express yourself without apology. You deserve a place in the world that you can call your own. Repeat the words "I deserve" until you believe it.


You may feel like your career is going nowhere at the moment. It could lead you to make drastic decisions or judgments when you really need to be patient with yourself. You're building up to something. Give yourself a chance to start over. You're blossoming with new ideas to take note of. You're reconnecting with your roots and getting to know who you are all over again.



You may feel frustrated with how slowly you've been moving. You might be craving new experiences and opportunities like your life depends on it. Right now, your faith is being put to the test. Can you continue to uphold your perspective of life even during times of strife? If you can stay strong, there will be a reward waiting for you soon. If you look harder for the beauty of the present moment, you'll find it.


You may be letting go of something that mattered a lot to you. This week, you could feel the weight of this transformation pressing down on your heart. You may feel like going backward; back to the way things were. But you've already made so much progress. Are you going to give up all because you feel scared? Embrace this new normal. You're putting down fresh roots.


You may feel a push and pull in your relationships this week; a struggle to maintain a sense of control. However, proving your point or your dominance isn't going to solve anything. Working together and maintaining equality and harmony will be your saving grace. In order to move forward, forgiveness and understanding are key. Can this problem be solved or is it worth ruining a relationship over?


You may be feeling drained by your day-to-day life and the inability to get things done could be getting you down. You should never judge yourself based on your productivity, because you're worth so much more than that. Remember to acknowledge everything else that you bring to the table. Remember to honor the essence of your spirit. You're not a machine. You're something irreplaceable.



You may be feeling overwhelmed by your love life. Insecurities could be cropping up and creating problems. Fears of abandonment and rejection could be resurfacing too. Remember that you are enough all on your own. If your self-worth is dependent on the way another person feels about you, that means you're not putting yourself first. This week, treat yourself like the love of your life.


Issues at home and with your family may be dominating your mind. Instead of reverting back to learned behaviors or negative habits, try taking the good things you've learned from your roots and leaving behind the bad. You can't succumb to the pressures of where you come from. You have your own success to worry about and your own dreams to accomplish. Keep your focus on what lies ahead.


Be careful with what you listen to and what you decide to say this week. You may learn information you wish you hadn't known or say something you know you should keep to yourself by mistake. Gossip is a threatening force at the moment. Instead of focusing on petty, meaningless things, commit to higher ideals. Set an example for how you'd like the world to be and spread messages of positivity.


You may feel like the ground beneath you isn't stable, like it could give way at any moment. Acknowledge how resilient you are and remember everything you've survived. You know you can get through anything. This week, an interesting and fascinating new person may come to your rescue and inspire you to be yourself. It's through times of strife that you learn exactly who you are.