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There May Be A Life-Altering Revelation In Your November 4 Weekly Horoscope


Mercury may be retrograde, but that doesn't mean you still can't get a whole lot done. Even though Mercury retrograde isn't necessarily the best time to start something new or make a permanent decision, it's a reminder that so much of the work is done behind the scenes. Everyone sees the final product, but what they don't see is all the time and patience that went into it. Let your November 4, 2019 weekly horoscope show that brainstorming and daydreaming are all part of the process.

However, this week won't be all lazing and dazing. In fact, you could find yourself wrapped up in a power struggle or two, especially when aggressive Mars goes to battle with obsessive Pluto on Nov. 5. This could cause your defenses to flare up and see everything as an attack, so take care not to jump to conclusions. Comparing yourself to others will either fill you with a false sense of superiority or cause you to deny your true potential. Remember that everyone is on their own path and everyone has their own story. Life isn't a competition, so don't believe that for a minute.

As this intense energy ebbs away, the cosmos will come together to provide you with a foundation to build something truly beautiful. On Nov. 8, creative Neptune and determined Saturn will join forces with the sun, filling you with a lovely and deep confidence, as well as hope for a brighter future. Use this energy to ruminate on what matters to you most and visualize all the magic you'd like to invite into your life. Don't pressure yourself into miraculously improving yourself overnight. Instead, remember everything you already have going for you and it's only getting better and better.

There may even be a genius idea or a life-altering revelation that comes into play when brainy Mercury embraces transformative Pluto on Nov. 9. Let this transit bring forth healing conversations and regenerative thought patterns. Allow yourself to go deep, because you'll learn so much more if you do.



You may feel insecure about a relationship this week, and it could encourage you to do something drastic about it. Take a less permanent and a more patient approach. You don't need to get hung up on the situation, as you're healing and dreaming of the future in a profound way. You've got way bigger fish to fry, so focus on your own journey, not someone else's.


Drama may be distracting you from your work, so try not to get caught up in gossip or passive-aggressive behavior when you should be focusing. Compete against your former self, not someone else. You're gaining a clearer perspective on your relationships, the love you're willing to give, and the love you'd like to receive. Be the person you want to have.


There could be some intense feelings surrounding a romance this week. If you're playing a cat-and-mouse game with your crush, you may be draining yourself emotionally. If they want you, they'll show it. You're thinking deeply about how you can juggle your priorities in a more meaningful way. Write to-do lists and practice making healthier decisions. You're making progress.


Damage control may be needed on the home front, but don't turn a small problem into an insurmountable one. A softer approach may be all that's needed, and remember, never take someone else's behavior personally. You have the power to create some truly magical art this week if you're willing to acknowledge how creative you are. Romance surrounds you. Open your heart to it.



Be careful with your words. They have serious power, and if you're speaking from a negative place, you may be inflicting more damage than you mean to. Remember that all you have control over is yourself. You're feeling very committed to your home this week and it's ideal for spending it with close loved ones or brightening the energy of your personal space.


You may feel incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to your finances. Remember that self-worth goes beyond how flashy your car is or how much money you have in your bank account. All of that can be taken from you, but your innate strength cannot be. You're a healing presence this week and a creative thinker. Enjoy how brilliant your ideas are. Make sure you explore them.


You may feel motivated to make a serious change in your life, but do you even know what needs changing? You may be chasing the wrong thing, and in the end find you were blaming something that's irrelevant. You're manifesting luxury right now and you don't even know it. Remember to think from a place of abundance. It will only attract more abundance.


Your mind may be a scary, dark place this week, so make sure not to isolate yourself with your worries. Don't place faith in something that has repeatedly let you down, but don't let it obscure your hope for the future either. You're discovering deeper layers of yourself and you should fall in love with everything you learn. At this moment, you're exactly where you need to be.



You may feel seriously motivated to make your dreams happen. However, there's no need to rush and there's room for everyone at the finish line. Root for someone who succeeds because it's only proof that you can succeed, too. For now, you're dreaming of what success looks like and envisioning your ideas coming to life.


It's possible you may feel like your authority is being questioned this week and it could put you on the defensive. Just remember that you already have the power. Your steady confidence speaks volumes. You're deepening so many friendships and forming connections with people who bring so many opportunities in your life. Remember to reach out and communicate.


You may feel a startling desire for freedom this week, so if you're constricted by plans or mentalities that don't jive with your truth, allow yourself an honest escape. You're evolving and you need space to evolve. There are magical things happening in your career and you're slowly building something incredible. Remember to be patient, and nurture your projects gently.


If you're dealing with feelings of jealousy or unrequited love, know that you're not being ridiculous. You're only human and your big heart isn't easy to contain. Just remember that not everything is as it seems and you will feel differently soon. Let go of these worries by taking yourself out for an adventure. You're learning how to see the world in a much more brilliant light.