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Your November 23, 2020 Horoscope Is Taking Your Love Life By Storm

Sagittarius season is underway, encouraging you to explore the great beyond, consider the big picture, and embrace spontaneous opportunities. There's really no telling just how Sagittarius season will go, because Sagittarius loathes monotony and predictability. Let go of your expectations and think like a Sagittarius, because your November 23, 2020 horoscope is here and there are surprises waiting for you around the corner.

Sagittarius season has the power to take you off to distant lands, even if it's just in your imagination. That much is clear when brainy Mercury forms a trine with dreamy and illusive Neptune on Nov. 23. Not only will this expand your mind and tap into your creativity, it will also pave the way for empathetic conversations to help you find forgiveness and acceptance. Let this transit blur the lines that separate you from others. Those conversations will deepen by Nov. 27, when Mercury forms a sexile with intimate and investigative Pluto. It's time to share secrets and dig for the truth, even if it scares you.

Nov. 27 is when the real wildness of the week takes place. This is when Venus, planet of love and luxury, will oppose unpredictable Uranus. While Venus wants to establish a steady flow of reciprocated love, Uranus wants to evoke change just when you least expect it. People will most likely surprise you this week, especially when it comes to setting the terms in a relationship. While truly strong relationships won't be rocked completely off balance, this transit could cause unexpected separations as it instigates the desire for freedom and independence. Prepare for your love life to feel more like an emotional roller coaster.

By Nov. 28, you're beginning to reconnect with your otherworldly perception of life. Nebulous and mystical Neptune will finally station direct after being in retrograde since June. While retrograde, Neptune's power to make reality seem a little bit more hazy and beautiful was significantly impeded. In fact, Neptune retrograde may have even felt sobering. However, with Neptune turning around and returning to its former glory, you'll soon find deeper access to your daydreams and fantasies once again.

The week nears its end as Mercury forms a sextile with expansive and exaggerating Jupiter on Nov. 28. This will instill your thought process with positivity and hope, encouraging you to think big and consider all the possibilities. The sky is truly the limit.



You're seeing clearer truths and connecting with your shadow self this week. If you open your heart to someone, you might just be able to connect on a level so deep that it surprises you. However, know that nothing is set in stone, no matter how well you think you know someone. There's a chance the feelings can get so real that it scares either of you away. Face the love head on.


This is a beautiful week to heal the wounds in your relationship life. Fears will dissipate and bravery will encourage you to prioritize kindness and empathy above all. Give someone the benefit of the doubt, especially because your relationships may not feel all that reliable at the moment. Before you jump to conclusions, give the cookie a little more time to crumble.


You're making work magical this week. There's no reason why a mundane assignment needs to feel so sterile. Inject it with creativity, poetry, and meaning. Not only will it get done faster, but after a while, it won't feel like work. Establishing a routine will be more difficult than ever, so remain flexible to sudden bumps in the road. Give yourself extra time to get everything done.


There's so much creative energy sweeping you off your feet that you'd be a fool not to take advantage of it. Visit places that inspire you and do things that generate inspiration. You'll be surprised by all the beauty that pours from you. Don't expect this feeling to last, as it's always fleeting. Instead of worrying about when it will end, make the choice to live as deeply in the present moment as you can.



Not only are you craving tender loving care, but you feel like giving it as well. You have the power to be a massively healing presence this week; a presence that makes everyone feel right at home, especially yourself. Home might not feel like the comforting and dependable place it usually is and it's up to you to create the feeling of home with your bare hands and with your bare heart.


There's no reason to keep your thoughts to yourself as you explore the beautiful places your quest for knowledge takes you. A conversation can be incredibly healing if you're willing to talk about what matters. But there's no telling where these conversations will go, as there may be secrets that are more startling than you realize. It may shock you at first, but soon, it will eventually just become the truth.


Abundance is arriving on your doorstep without hesitance. Not only are you developing a better attitude toward money this week, but you're seeing the magic in your surroundings, keeping you grounded. Unexpected financial obligations may shock you this week, but don't lose your center. You're learning how to build a deeper self-reliance, as the world will never truly be a predictable place.


You're discovering who you are on a much deeper level this week. In fact, you may be thinking about how far you've come and everything you've been through, deepening your respect for yourself. However, you may not know yourself as well as you think. Embrace the fact that every morning when you wake up, you could easily be a different person than you were the day before.



There's a part of you no one ever sees. While you might avoid this part of yourself, there are times when you indulge in it. Your imagination has the power to take you to a place so beautiful that it feels better than reality. However, remember to protect yourself as you search deep. Your subconscious reveals shocking information, showing you just how mysterious your inner world truly is.


You're seeing the world for the beautiful place it can be, not the painful flaws that currently hold it back. Your vision for the future is what will transform the world. Tap into your generosity and inner humanitarian to be the change you would like to see. However, people's actions might surprise you this week. Try to move forward without having expectations for anyone but yourself.


You're in a competitive mood these days as you grapple with your goals and what it will take to accomplish them. However, this week, you're not competing with sharp teeth. You're proving your worth through kindness, helpfulness, and understanding. Winning does not have to involve your ego. And if your career takes an unexpected turn, don't take it too personally. Take it as an opportunity.


Your desire to step beyond your perspective and search for answers has never been deeper. You want to dissolve the boundaries that hold you back from truly being free; from truly seeing it all. However, wondering is a fickle thing. One minute, you can feel as though magic is real. The next, you could question how you could have ever thought such a thing. It's "believing" that is truly unwavering.