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You're Discovering Your Potential In Your New Moon Horoscope


On Nov. 26 at 10:05 a.m. ET, a potent and powerful new moon will expand your horizons. Taking place in adventurous, optimistic, and open-minded Sagittarius, this lunation is about having faith in the unknown. When Sagittarius is involved, there's no way of truly knowing where you'll end up, but that's the beauty of the journey this zodiac sign will take you on. Let it light a fire in your heart, because your November 2019 new moon horoscope is here.

It's at this point in the lunar cycle that you are given a blank page on which you're meant to begin writing a new story. The sky is dark and the moon is enshrouded in the night. Since the moon is the ruler of your emotional inner world, its respite makes this a time to release what no longer concerns you and make way for bigger and better things. Plant the seed of a fresh intention and watch how it slowly and patiently grows.

Let this new moon invite positive relationships into your life, as well as limitless personal growth. With Venus — planet of love — joining forces with expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus, a fascinating person might enter your life and change it for the better. But you won't have to rely on others for that, considering how Mercury — planet of communication and planning — will connect with committed Saturn, spiritual Neptune, and the fateful North Node. You're discovering just how deep your potential runs. Make the decision to fulfill it.



Let go of your inhibitions and concentrate on the endless possibilities that lie before you. The world is so much bigger than you'll ever know. Release yourself from the prison of your ego and have faith in the big picture. You're already free.


You're feeling the pressure to make a drastic change. You know you're ready to move forward, but it's up to you to let go of what's holding you back in your past. Find closure, settle your debts, forgive yourself, and step into a liberated future.


You may be struggling to understand the difference between selflessness and martyrdom. Relationships are an equal give-and-take and should never force you to give up your peace. Establish healthy and loving boundaries.


You have a right to self-care, so set yourself down a healing and cleansing path. Self-care is more than treating or pampering yourself. It's about working hard and staying committed to your well-being no matter what.



What are you waiting for? You were brought into this world to enjoy it. There's nothing you need to accomplish or prove before you're allowed to be happy. This present moment belongs to you. Do yourself a favor and unleash your creativity.


When you think of home, what do you envision? Is it a safe place to return to? A cozy blanket and a crackling fire? A warm kitchen and a few loved ones? Rediscover your connection to the home. Forge a sacred space for yourself.


It's time to let go of your communication fears. Make a point to speak your mind and speak it with integrity. Don't be afraid of voicing your truth, but choose your listeners carefully. Fascinating new friends are soon to arrive.


You are not above taking care of your physical and material needs. Commit to your financial goals and create the life you've always wanted. Security, stability, and luxury are all things you deserve. What do they mean to you?



Your life belongs to you and no one else. Set aside everyone's judgments and opinions. Discover who you really are when you're not so concerned about the rest of the world. Define yourself based on your own dreams and desires.


Reconnect with your spirit and heal the wounds inflicted upon you. Let go of guilt and blame. Free yourself from these burdens. Forgiving does not mean forgetting — it means you will no longer let it take up space in your heart.


You're spearheading a new movement, so bring others under your wing and embody the leader you wish you had. Your dreams are about to manifest. Remember that everyone contributes to your dreams. Let cooperation guide you there.


A spotlight is shining a light on you and you're building up toward a major move in your career. A change may be imminent, but you're getting closer to achieving what you've always set out to achieve. Let it take on a new form.