Your New Moon In Virgo Horoscope Will Make It Easier Than Ever To Take What You Want

Are you done with procrastination? Do you feel turbo-charged with energy and motivated to get sh*t done? Well, lucky for you, the universe is on your side, and when your new moon in Virgo 2018 horoscope presents you with a brand new start on Sep. 9, you'll have all the power to make a difference in your world. In my opinion, there's no zodiac sign more perfect for the upcoming new moon. Since Virgo is known for hard work, productivity, critical thinking, and attention to detail, it contains all the guidance you could possibly need after the mental vacation that was summer. If you've fallen behind on important tasks or set aside your priorities for the sake of some fun in the sun, this new moon will help you form a detailed plan to accomplish all your goals.

Coming away from an emotional, introspective, and spiritually inclined full moon in Pisces, we're journeying through the waning moon phases, gently releasing a tightly wound ball of lunar energy. When the new moon darkens our sky, that energy will be wiped clean, giving us the chance to plant a fresh intention and start over. With Virgo's analytical and focused strength coloring this upcoming lunation, you'll have all the power to follow through with your commitments, reinforce your accomplishments with additional review, and create long-lasting change.


Since the new moon in Virgo will revitalize your sixth house of health and productivity, you'll feel its motivating effect on such a deep level. In astrology, Virgo rules over the sixth house, making its power over your work-ethic incredibly impactful. Use this lunation to check things off your to-do list, make plans for the future, and commit to accomplishing as much as you can.


Shooting stars into your fifth house of art and pleasure, this new moon in Virgo is here to wrap you up in a cosmic blanket of inspiration. Use this sparkling energy to engage in a new creative endeavor, to make a decision to enjoy life to the fullest, and to discover a whole new level of sensuality and fulfillment. This new moon launches a period of fun and discovery.


Zoning in on your fourth house of home and family, this new moon in Virgo will make you feel like cozying up with a cup of tea and a Netflix marathon. However, the work lies in organizing your home environment, tending to your inner-peace, spending quality time with your closest loved ones, and rejuvenating after a long and chaotic summer. Wrap the season up with some rest.


Galvanizing your third house of communication, this new moon in Virgo is all about finding your voice and using it to speak truthfully and with integrity. Are you gossiping too much? Are you concentrating on matters that have no real importance to you? This new moon is about finding your authenticity and communicating with your highest-self in mind.


Electrifying your second house of finance, sensuality, and security, you'll use the new moon in Virgo to create a more luxurious and satisfying world for yourself. This could mean making more money, redecorating your home, treating yourself to a massage, or anything that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Build your confidence from the ground up.


Since this new moon announces itself in your name, it will launch a period of totally renovating your entire life. Take stock of all the many things you'd like to work on. Are you in the mood to change your appearance? Do you want to become a more considerate and kind person? Whatever you feel like improving, this new moon will give you all the power to completely transform your sense of self.


Infusing your 12th house of the unconscious with mystical and cleansing energy, the new moon in Virgo will help you embark on a spiritual journey towards understanding, empathy, and happiness. Spend time healing your wounds, listening to your intuition, and focusing on the present moment. Participate in cleansing activities, such as meditation, to hear the new moon's message.


This new moon in Virgo will energize your 11th house of friends and community, pushing you to get out there, nurture your friendships, network with new people, and begin a fulfilling journey in the social sphere. Do you need to let go of a group of people who don't have your best interests? Are you ready to make connections with people who do?


Injecting your 10th house of career with stimulating energy, this new moon in Virgo is about committing to solid plans for the future and working towards making your dreams a reality. Ask yourself what you really want from your life and your career. Are you ready to go after your goals? Are you working hard enough to accomplish everything you've always wanted to accomplish?


Flourishing through your ninth house of expansion and learning, you'll be called to adventure under the energy of this new moon in Virgo. It could be time to begin a journey towards knowledge and improvement. Perhaps you need to let go of your worries and go on a wild and exciting trip. Regardless of what this new moon means to you, it's here to give you memorable experiences.


Because this new moon in Virgo awakens your eighth house of sex and rebirth, prepare to experience revelations about your life and a deeper connection to your carnal inclinations. Are you exploring your sexuality enough? Are you avoiding your shadows and repressing your truth? With the energy of this lunation, it's time to climb out of your shell and metamorphose into something major.


Infusing your seventh house of partnerships with intimate energy, this new moon in Virgo is all about bringing your relationships closer and forging them with impenetrable trust. Are you being a considerate partner? Are you reaching out and asking for help? Are you open to partnerships? It's time to set aside your reservations and trust in another person.