How To Use The New Moon In Leo To Be More Confident Than Ever Before

Congratulate yourself for making it through one of the most turbulent lunar cycles we've had in a long time. With six planetary retrogrades spinning confusion throughout our world and the longest total lunar eclipse of the century fading behind us, the past few weeks have been emotionally messy and mentally trying. However, the new moon in Leo 2018 is just around the corner, and it's quite possibly most electric part of our cosmic journey thus far.

If you're like me and you align your spirit with the lunar cycle, you already know that new moons cleanse your energy and present you with a brand new beginning. When I tell you that this new moon will also be a partial solar eclipse, you know that this isn't just any ordinary new beginning. It's the dawn of an entirely new era, and with flamboyant Leo announcing your new reality, you can bet that there will be explosions of spiritual fireworks celebrating this transformative change.

Ruled by the sun, Leo is a sign of pride, confidence, fearlessness, and creative indulgence. If you happen to know a Leo, then you know exactly what I mean. There is nothing that can dull a Leo's shine and no one can steal their fire from under them. As the new moon rejuvenates our night sky with its purifying power, you'll feel Leo's infectious roar bursting inside of you. How could you possibly tame the king of the jungle?

Shamelessly Flaunt How Awesome You Are

In this Leo-driven era of your life that you're about to embark on, you're meant to embrace yourself as royalty. Modesty, simplicity, and inhibition are not concepts that Leo is familiar with. Instead, Leo brandishes themselves as the greatest person whoever lived. Leo walks with their head held high and a diamond-lined aura radiating fame and glory for all the world to see.

Under the spotlight of this new moon, you're meant to celebrate the person you are, because there's no one on this planet like you and you were put here for a reason. Instagram that selfie, revel in your accomplishments, share your splendor with the rest of the world, and don't you dare let jealous eyes make you feel like you need to hinder your light just to make others happy. You are golden, baby. Do yourself a favor and stop hiding it.

Release Yourself From Self-doubt And Insecurity

If you're currently cringing at the thought of so much flashiness, you're probably conflating "confidence" with "conceitedness," and in Leo's opinion, it's such a shame that so many people can't tell the difference between the two.

Conceitedness is rooted in insecurity. Beneath that facade of cockiness is a scared person who feels the need to prove themselves, no matter how hollow their pride may be. Conceitedness looks down their nose at others, putting everyone else down to elevate themselves. Confidence, on the other hand, does not need to prove themselves. Confidence is relaxed and self-assured. It's based in self-love. Confidence feels safe in one's own skin, encouraging others to hop on the confidence train, too.

This new moon in rambunctious Leo wants you to work toward forging an impenetrable confidence. It has nothing to do with how much of a show-off you are. Quite the contrary, genuine confidence is so strong that nothing, not even a lack of recognition or praise, can shake the love you have for yourself.

Don't Be Afraid To Stand Out In A Crowd

By embracing the most authentic version of yourself, you're bound to invite judgement from people who don't vibe with your energy. You could even make a few enemies in the process. However, in order to be true to yourself, you have to come to terms with being virtually unable to please everyone. As you become less of afraid of speaking your truth, voicing your opinions, and announcing your strength to the world, you are only repelling those who aren't good for you and inviting those who are.

Risk the embarrassment of standing out in a crowd. Through the discomfort, you'll discover your corner of the world; the one that is best suited to your unique and irreplaceable soul. Maybe some people will laugh, maybe they'll judge. Let them. Who cares what they think? If someone isn't on board with your authentic self, they have no place in your life. But by exposing who you really are, you're attracting genuine relationships like moths to a flame.