How This Week's New Moon In Gemini Will Affect Your Relationships

Even the strongest of relationships can go through stagnant periods. After being together for so long, you can get locked into a monotonous routine that turns the heat down to a simmer. There's nothing wrong with you for craving an injection of excitement. It doesn't mean you don't value your relationship as it is. In fact, you simply care enough to make sure it lasts in the long run. If you're searching for an answer to the boredom you may feel in your love life, then how the new moon in Gemini will affect your relationships on June 13 will be of major importance to you.

Under a new moon, you are presented with an opportunity to begin again. As the moon's light dissipates into the night sky, all slates are wiped clean and your world is renewed. Because Gemini is a naturally curious air sign, always yearning for stimulation, and intrinsically concerned with freedom, a dull relationship will inevitably be revamped by electrifying energy.

As always, with more excitement comes more instability. In order for you and your partner to truly infuse your relationship with adventure, you'll need to learn how to take a step back from codependency. Under this new moon, there'll be no room for possessiveness, controlling tendencies, or insecurity. Instead, you'll be forced to learn how to let each other go. To trust that you both shall return is the purest form of love. A Gemini knows that.

A Desire For Freedom And Excitement

It's common to erect limiting barriers that give the illusion of keeping your relationship intact. We do this to protect ourselves from getting hurt. We do this to make it easier to trust our partner. However, these barriers often prevent the both of you from truly spreading your wings and becoming the people you're both meant to be. Under this new moon in Gemini, you have all the power to inject creativity and playfulness in your relationship. While these endeavors should include the both of you, they should also be focused on yourselves as individuals.

In order for your relationship to feel truly gratifying, you both need to bring your own outside worlds into the mix. If you're each forgoing your own personal lives for the sake of a shared one, there's little opportunity to teach each other more.

Remaining Open-minded About Love

A Gemini knows that love can mean several different things to several different people. Traditional ideas of love can sometimes involve possession and a harmful codependency. However, a Gemini sees this as the exact opposite of love, as codependency overtime stalls growth and breeds contempt. Under this new moon, you'll feel challenged by different perspectives of love. Perhaps your relationship has been locked in a restricting mode for so long that it simply needs to be able to breathe fresh air.

In a Gemini's opinion, true love allows both individuals to follow their heart and reach their own personal fulfillment. In an unhealthy relationship, the potential of each partner is blurred by the demands of the relationship. Under this new moon, you'll both be swept by a desire to each become your own person, which will automatically make the relationship far more interesting.

Learning A Whole New Meaning Of Trust

As you both embark on your own individual journeys, you may feel afraid that your relationship is losing a modicum of stability and closeness. However, if you're not confident that your relationship can survive if you're both allowed to grow, you must ask yourself if you truly trust your partner. Without trust, no relationship is worthwhile. It doesn't matter how much you try soothe your anxieties by controlling it or holding each other back.

If becoming comfortable with you both being able to fulfill your own destinies outside of the relationship proves to be a trying process, then the new moon in Gemini is even more important for your relationship than you thought. Through its galvanizing energy, you're learning a whole new meaning of love, acceptance, and trust. If you can remain resilient through the changes that follow, your relationship will never be boring again.