If You're Feeling Totally Unsure About Everything, It Could Be Thanks To The New Moon In Gemini

by Valerie Mesa

Have you ever experienced the moon's changeable rhythms? Are you in sync with her energies? Despite being in constant awe of the moon's majestic presence, it is also a symbol of hope, and a promise to the world that tomorrow is new day. The new moon in Gemini 2018 may not be your typical new beginning per se, but the universe can do no wrong, as the cycles of the moon are a perfect example of its infinite masterpiece.

Every single one of the lunar phases has its own magical meaning. Like the new moon, for instance. This moon phase is a spiritual doorway to new beginnings. This energy is ideal for planting seeds and setting intentions, especially for the things we want to develop and manifest. Although this lunar phase has no illumination, its darkness is a pure representation of the germination stage and birthing. Seeds are planted underground, right? Well, the same goes for the new moon. The darkness creates space for initiation, and intentions for what you wish to cultivate.

The new moon's energy gradually intensifies throughout the month until we reach the full moon phase. Once the moon has been fully illuminated at its greatest potential, our seeds are ready to bloom in abundance and completion.

The New Moon In Gemini

That being said, there will be a new moon in 22 degrees Gemini on June 13 at 3:43 p.m. ET. This lunation will be really complex, and I'll tell you why. In astrology, Gemini is associated with intelligence and all forms of communication. A new moon in Gemini would normally consist of exchanging information, scheduling meetings, and attention-grabbing conversations. Ideally, we would plant gemini-related seeds and intentions, in hopes that they manifest during the Gemini full moon this November. However, this moon will be making a square to elusive Neptune, which could in turn create haziness and ambiguity. Neptune is compassionate and all-encompassing, hence, it doesn't understand the meaning of boundaries. Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, is the sharpest intellectual in the cosmos, but with Neptune's influence, processing information is not our forte.

Interestingly enough, Mercury will already be in Cancer by the time the new moon arrives. It will be making an exact square to Chiron, the wounded healer, which could potentially spark emotional conversations and possible confrontation. It doesn't end there. The moon will also be in conjunct powerful Pluto, which is still stationed retrograde, as well as Black Moon Lilith, which just so happens to represent our rawest instincts and carnal appetites. These two could definitely add more intensity to this cosmic plethora of energies. Pluto loves to go beyond the surface, and Lilith is never in the mood to be classy or polite. You do the math.

New Beginning Or A WTF Moment? You Can Decide That One For Yourself.

One should always think before they speak, and that is especially true for this new moon. Although, one thing is for sure: Don't believe everything you hear. Neptune's glamour and elusiveness could be incredibly deceiving. Chiron is a symbol of our internal wounds, but in Aries, it wants them to be confronted. Stay grounded, because it's easy to assume that you're being paranoid or that all of this is complete nonsense in your head.

Hint: Pluto always reveals what is hidden and below the surface. Don't let Neptune drown you in your thoughts, but make sure you pay close attention to the words, thoughts, and conversations that trigger something within you during this time.

The universe is communicating something to you, as per usual, and it's up to you to decide its overall truth and spiritual meaning. Make sure to look within.