How To Use The New Moon In Pisces To Accomplish The Goal You Can't Stop Thinking About

by Rosey Baker
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This weekend was a wild one. Not only was it the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, but we had a new moon in the sign of Pisces, the sign of creativity and dreams. While you were most likely more focused on, well, drinking, you can still use the energy of the new moon in Pisces to accomplish the one goal you've had your heart set on. New moons are a time to begin to make moves toward your goals, and with a new moon in pisces, those goals may have to do with your personal dreams.

Pisces is actually known as a sign that's capable of working miracles. They are patient, spiritual, and idealistic enough to take what others deem impossible, and to make it possible. Others might not even know what it was they did to get there, because they tend to work quietly in the pursuit of their vision. You may have felt the energy of this moon through an increased emotional sensitivity, a willingness to just go with the flow more than usual, or a willingness to believe in things you'd normally just pass off as illogical. The sign of Pisces is always willing to believe; they want to be taken on the emotional ride that faith can take them on and see where they can get. Here's how to make use of that energy to make your own miracles come true.

Set Yourself Free From Limitations

We all have some emotional hardwiring within us that says what we want for ourselves is too disruptive, unattainable, or too difficult to even try to pursue. Sometimes we'll even think to ourselves that the emotional risk of going after what we want isn't worth it if we don't achieve it. Now that we're fresh off the energy of a new moon, it's time to make ourselves aware of the ways our ego limits us in the achievement of our goals. When you notice these fears coming up, treat them as if you're a busy parent, and they're a child in a supermarket, begging for ice cream.

Say to your ego, "I understand you're worried, but I've got this. I'm a grown up, I will make sure all our basic needs are met, and you can take a load off."

Set Small Goals That Serve The Larger One

Every single night, write down one thing you can do the next day to get closer to what you want. We won't get anywhere through maniacally manifesting it, meditating every morning like we're hoping Santa will come through with our desires. You have to put the work in, on a daily basis. So make those small goals and start to practice showing up for yourself every day. If you're writing a book, write a page every day. If you're applying for your dream job, work on your application thoroughly, and get your references together. If you're thinking about adopting a new pet, you can do all your research. No goal is too big or too small if it's something you've been dreaming about.

Be Patient

A lot of the astrology that's coming up in the next month has to do with Saturn (the planet of discipline) squaring off to Mars (the planet of action); and this can bring a gnarly energy. We've also got Mercury (the planet of communication) going into retrograde on Mar. 22, 2018, to stay for three weeks. You might feel as if you're stopping and starting a lot; and you might have a sense like you're in heavy traffic on your way to an important meeting. But you should still take the time to celebrate the incremental progress you are making toward your destination.

Ultimately, you'll show yourself and those around you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. All it takes is passion, belief, and a little help from the lunar cycle, of course.