Virgo Season Is Here & It's About To Make Our Lives A Whole Lot Easier

by Valerie Mesa

Leo season is about basking in your creative expression, so when Virgo season rolls around, you're ready to execute. You're the star of the show, but the show must go on, right? Well, this is precisely where Virgo season 2018 comes in. That's right, stargazers, it's time to get organized. Are you ready to channel that fiery passion in a more practical way? The cosmos never lie, and with the sun in meticulous Virgo, the detailed process and tiny pieces of the puzzle suddenly become top of mind. Trust me, I'm not a fan of the petty details, but truth be told, channeling Virgo's problem-solving attitude and critical mindset, is everything we need to live our best life.

Leo season is the peak of summer. People are usually out swimming, sun bathing, and partying. It's the season of children, laughter, and our unique individual truth. However, as Virgo season approaches, you'll notice the bright sunlight slowly start to dim down. Something inside us clicks, reminding us that summer is almost over, and autumn is around the corner. It's a time for work, back-to-school traffic, and in the ancient times, preparing for the winter and the longest nights to come. Long story short, it's important to be analytical during this time, and I promise you, despite the tedious preparation of it all, Virgo season is about to make our lives a whole lot easier.

Get Excited For Virgo Season 2018

Personally, I couldn't be more ready for Virgo season, and I'll tell you why. For starters, Mercury — aka Virgo's ruling planet — goes direct on Aug. 19, just in time for Virgo season. Woohoo! That in itself is heavenly, considering Mercury rules Virgo, and all things related to communications and details. Trust me, you'll immediately notice how things in your day-to-day start to run a lot smoother. It doesn't end there. Two more celestial bodies station direct this season, and I'm literally jumping for joy. Yes, you read correctly, two major planets finally go direct: Mars and Saturn. Thank you infinitely, Virgo season. It's like you always save the day no matter what.

Imagine, there are six planets retrograde as we speak. How are we even going about our lives? SMH. Again, I always like to see the positive, and I know retrograde planets ultimately have a universal message for us, but six planets retrograde?! Pat yourselves on the back, stargazers. I know it hasn't been an easy ride, to say the very least. However, luckily, things are finally starting to look up. Remember, Mars is the planet of assertion, sexual drive, and energy. Mars direct is that permanent shot of expresso we can't live without. Oh, and don't get me started on sex drive. In case you haven't noticed, everyone around you is hot, heavy, and sexually frustrated. Of course, you can thank Mars Retrograde for that, but not to worry, the cosmic warrior goes direct on Aug. 27.

Although, Mars isn't the only one making a comeback this season. Saturn, too, joins the bandwagon and stations direct on Sept. 6. I swear, I get excited just writing this. That's right, the planet of discipline, structure, and limitation will be back to business as usual. With Saturn Retrograde, everything we naturally try to avoid on a daily basis was pretty much shoved in our faces. (I know, so much fun, right? NOT.) So, if you've been adulting hard AF, paying off debt, and basically going out of your way to make things right, congratulations. You survived Saturn's wrath. Okay, so, maybe I'm not a fan of Saturn, but the truth is, this ruthless planet only has our best interest at heart. The lessons we learn can be difficult and frustrating, but in the end, they're extremely valuable.

Grand Earth Trine: Sun, Saturn, And Venus

The second half of August is everything we've been waiting for, stargazers. On Aug. 25, there will be a grand earth trine between the sun, electric Uranus, and structured Saturn. In astrology, a trine occurs when planets are about 120 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel. This aspect is incredibly positive and harmonious. Now, imagine a grand trine, when three or more planets form a cosmic triangle, like the holy trinity. This is magical AF.

So, what happens when the sun, Saturn, and Uranus come together in a perfect triangle? Well, Saturn is solid and structured, Uranus is electric and rebellious, and the sun is our soul purpose. This harmonious aspect is loaded with opportunity. With three planets in solid earth signs, this grand trine will create balance in our lives with structure, (Saturn) freedom, (Uranus) and our individual expression. (Sun) See where I'm going with this?

I wasn't kidding when I said Virgo season was everything we needed to live our best life. Cheers to new beginnings, and reaping the fruits of your labor. You've got this.