If You're Being Overly Critical On Your Dates Lately, It Could Be Thanks To Venus In Virgo

by Valerie Mesa

Ah, Venus, goddess of love and beauty. The zodiac flirt, money maker, relationship guru, and cosmic coquette. What's not to love? On July 9, the planet of love switches signs and makes her yearly visit in the sign of Virgo. But Venus in Virgo 2018 won't be your typical transit and I'll explain why. For starters, Venus doesn't thrive when in the sign of Virgo. No offense Virgo, but Venus is the planet of pleasure, and well, you're the zodiac workhorse. For the record, I mean that with all the love in my heart. Oh, and Venus is no where near as analytical as you, Virgo. Anyway, I digress.

Each of the zodiac signs have a unique season and special purpose. For instance, the passion expressed in the sign of Leo is channelled through Virgo, in order for it to be harvested. Leo's light and creativity is executed through Virgo's analytical mind and persistence. Make sense? Also, it's no coincidence Virgo is referred to as the perfectionist of the zodiac. This earth sign is a representation of both integration and an effective process. By that I mean, Virgo is efficient, practical, and a brilliant intellectual. In fact, did you know Virgo is more driven to be of service, than to be recognized?


Interestingly enough, in The Carters' latest album Everything Is Love, Virgo queen Bey literally says, “I don't give a damn about the fame.” She isn't kidding, either. Virgo is a mutable sign, which is another reason why this sign is so incredibly gifted. Mutable signs are blessed with unique qualities of duality, aka dual strengths.


The planet of love expresses itself with charm, affection, and balance. However, there is a lot more to the goddess of love than meets the eye. Venus represents our interpersonal relationships, as well as our sensuality and over all attractiveness. This planet determines how we give and receive love. In a woman's natal chart, it determines her femininity and seduction style, while in a man's chart, Venus represents the type of woman he's attracted to.

See how important this planet is?

Venus In Virgo

In Virgo, Venus expresses love by being of service to others, and being of service consists of lots of critiquing. Sure, Venus in Virgo is loving, but it's more about loving the facts than anything else. In Virgo, the planet of love is polite, refined, and scrupulous about hygiene. It finds beauty in cleanliness and all things pure. For Venus in Virgo, criticizing you is equivalent to loving you. Why waste time otherwise?

When Venus Is In Virgo...

We, as a collective, express our love and affection in the most practical ways possible. Something as genuine as running errands for a loved one, proofreading a friends research paper, or simply keeping someone company is Venus in Virgo. The planet of love doesn't like to waste time when in the sign of Virgo. Things need to make sense, otherwise they're simply a waste of time.

On The Dark Side

Surely there's a dark side to everything, even when it involves gorgeous Venus, and Virgo the perfectionist. Given Virgo's overly critical nature, it's easy to get caught up in the unnecessary details during this transit. I'm not even talking about being superficial, I'm more referring to people meeting the criteria on your "what it takes to be a perfect" checklist.

Virgo knows what it wants, and if it's not going to get the job done, it doesn't waste time. Venus, on the other hand, wants affection, lots of it. So, what happens when you put these two together? You do the math.