The New Moon In Leo Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign — Here's How

Are you ready to put the past behind you? In the mood to set an intention and allow the universe to help you bring it to life? After the cataclysmic eclipses that took place in July, your new moon in Leo 2019 horoscope is here to show you that you're on the brink of a beautiful new chapter in your life. July involved a series of transformational eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, along with a nail-biting Mercury retrograde, which surely altered the course of your journey and possibly even put you in a position you never expected to be in. But when the new moon in Leo takes place on July 31, it's your opportunity to rise from the rubble and catch a gorgeous glimpse of all the good that can come out of it.

The new moon is a vital moment during the lunar cycle. This is when you're called to release concerns, attachments, and worries that have no place in your future. You're meant to replace that energy with the start of something new, so use this lunation to begin making plans, putting fresh energy out there, and concocting big ideas. Since this new moon is in fiery, expressive, and passionate Leo, let it show you how to honor the inner workings of your heart. Find confidence and comfort in unapologetically loving yourself.

Here's how the glamorous and exciting power of the new moon in Leo will affect you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Make a point to indulge in romance, poetry, and laughter. You may be thinking it's wise to focus on more mature and responsible concerns, but never forget that pleasure makes it all worthwhile. Strip away your idea of what life should be and ask yourself what truly makes you happy. Fall in love all over again.


The hustle and bustle of life asks you to grind hard and never rest for a minute. But if you keep that up, you'll eventually burn yourself out. Remember that setting aside time for rest and emotional comfort is just as necessary as every other priority you have. Tend to your home environment and spend time with family.


Your brain is a sponge eager to absorb knowledge. Your voice is bursting with important things to say. Choose what to learn and what to say wisely. You can focus on something positive and constructive for yourself or you can waste your intelligence on fruitless pursuits. Make sure you think and speak with clear intent.


You're developing a deep sense of self-worth that nothing can compromise. Whether you reinforce that self-worth by working on your finances or discovering a stronger stability in life, know that you're in charge of your world. You can keep yourself just as safe as you keep others.

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This is your opportunity to go where you've never gone before. See yourself exactly how you would like to be seen. You have more potential than you can possibly realize, so think bigger. If it doesn't terrify you, you're not thinking big enough. You have the power to become everything you've ever wanted to be.


Believe it or not, all the answers you're seeking can be found within. Your unconscious is a well of truth that can help you heal your wounds and tap into your true intelligence and strength. Cut out all the white noise and uncover the secrets you've been hiding. Don't overthink it. Instead, let it come to you.


You have the power to bring the world together. Your social vibrations are reaching new heights and you can use this energy to connect with positive communities and inspire others. Think of a cause that matters deeply to you. Right now, the universe is asking you to be a leader of that cause. Everyone needs you.


There are major developments happening in your career right now, so this is absolutely not the time to be shy or have doubt in yourself. Ask for what you want and demand nothing less than you deserve. Even if you fail, know it's all part of the process. Just get back up and keep trying. You'll never regret it.



You can never have too much adventure in your life. If you're worrying too much about what can go wrong or obsessing over meaningless details, cut it out right now. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Your problems might not be as intense as you thought. Find truth in a sense of completion.


Your soul is learning what to merge with and what to stay away from. Extricate yourself from people and pursuits that no longer serve you. Share yourself with what does. Learn that letting go does not mean you've failed. Hanging on for too long prevents something better from arriving.


Even though it might seem easier to get things done by yourself, it can certainly feel lonely. There is so much to be learned from someone else. Don't forget that it's OK to ask for help. Remember you must open your heart in order for someone to know you need love. Relationships begin with you.


Your plans are so big that at times, it feels daunting. You might not know where to begin and you might doubt you'll ever reach the finish line. So instead of focusing on the end goal, concentrate on each little step. Create a plan made up of small actions. In the end, they all add up to something incredible.