Here's When The Chaos Of Mercury Retrograde July 2019 Comes To A Close

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Am I the only one who seriously can't wait for July to be over? I know, I know. I'm being a "negative Nancy," but can you blame me? This July has been intense. Cancer season is already an emotional and sensitive time, but this particular Cancer season was marked by two unpredictable eclipses, as well as Mercury retrograde. If you're feeling just as ready for a positive change as I am, you're probably wondering when Mercury retrograde July 2019 ends. Well, mark it on your calendars and get ready to count down the days because this pesky astrological transit doesn't last forever.

Even though I personally feel rocked by July's astrological transits, I can't blame too much of my stress on Mercury retrograde. If I'm being quite honest, I think there's a lot of negative hype surrounding Mercury retrograde. It's true, this retrograde is famous for making you feel nostalgic for the past, possibly even encouraging you to reconnect with long-lost lovers and friends. It also tends to screw with your travel plans and cause loads of confusion when you attempt to communicate with others. However, if you work with the energy of Mercury retrograde rather than against it, you'll find this transit is excellent for introspection, reflection, and finding a sense of closure. Mercury retrograde reminds you that there are still loose ends left over from your past, and this transit is an opportunity to go back and tie them off once and for all.

Even though the people of the internet love to make Mercury retrograde seem like the end of the world, it's really not. However, I will admit it's not without its annoying inconveniences, which is why you need to know how Mercury retrograde is still affecting you and when it will end.

Mercury Stations Direct On July 31 At 11:58 p.m. ET

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Mercury stationed retrograde on July 7 in the sign of Leo. By July 31, it will station direct in the sign of Cancer. However, you've been feeling the effects even before these dates and you'll feel them afterwards as well. This is because the pre-shadow phase began on June 20 and the post-shadow phase comes to an end on Aug. 15. During the pre-shadow phase, you caught a glimpse of the issues that would be the main theme of your Mercury retrograde experience. By the post-shadow phase, you'll finally start to see a conclusion taking shape.

While Mercury retrograde took place in flamboyant, romantic, and confident Leo, issues relating to your ego took center stage. You were encouraged to re-examine how you express yourself and how you honor your strength. If you've been suppressing your talents or refusing to prioritize yourself, this period of the retrograde may have been tough. By the time Mercury retrograde re-entered sensitive, intuitive, and defensive Cancer on July 19, it began asking you to consider the way you treat your feelings. If you haven't felt safe enough to let down your guard and safely release your emotions, this transit could remind you of that. It might even make you feel way more nostalgic than you felt when Mercury retrograde was in Leo because Cancer can't help but cling onto the past.

No one is perfect, and if you end up making a few errors during Mercury retrograde, it's all a part of the learning experience. Mercury retrograde happens because there are still things in your past that you're meant to learn from. So, spend time analyzing what goes wrong during Mercury retrograde. Are you returning to your ex only to get your feelings hurt again? Is disorganization causing plenty of delays and communication errors? Whatever happens, happens. You'll do better next time.

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