Your May 25 Weekly Horoscope Will Feel Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

The sun is currently in chatty, intellectual, and busy Gemini, and the cosmos are in sensory overload. This season is an astrological stimulant that gets your mind racing and your lips moving. If you don't have an outlet for all this excess energy, you're probably feeling restless, but luckily, your May 25, 2020 weekly horoscope is filled with more good news than bad. Venus — planet of love and money — might currently be retrograde, revealing what needs changing when it comes to your social life, love life, and your financial status, but you're getting a break from the heavy transits this week. In a way, the week of May 25 is the perfect time for taking a moment to process it all.

The main astrological shift is Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — entering protective, emotional, and intuitive Cancer on May 28. This will give you some tender, loving care to help balance the logical tendencies of Gemini season. This transit allows you to communicate with empathy and connect more deeply with your heart. However, one important thing to note about Mercury in Cancer is how indirectly it tends to communicate. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, and crabs tend to move sideways instead of forward. This can be likened to the way Cancer communicates, which can be avoidant, encouraging you to beat around the bush instead of be honest. As long as you keep this in mind, you'll be reminded that sometimes, it's best to be upfront. Moving sideways will only work for so long.

Mercury isn't the only planet currently swimming through a water sign, because Mars is also in dreamy, spiritual, and dazed Pisces. While this can be a slow-moving time, Mars will form a helpful sextile with innovative and independent Uranus on May 25, encouraging you to follow the beat of your own drum and embrace the eccentricities of who you are. This easy-going, yet exciting transit will spice things up without making things too spicy. It's just the right amount of interesting, and this boost of positive energy will remind you to keep having hope for the future, even when all hope feels lost.



Your mind is working overtime, Aries, and all this extra energy makes you want to tackle more than your plate may be able to handle. This week, you might start feeling as though you need more time to get in touch with your heart. You're not just interested in any conversation — you're ready to talk about things that truly matter with someone you trust.


Instead of focusing on what you don't have, Taurus, focus on what you do. All you need is a little human connection to help combat feeling like you're not doing enough, or maybe that you aren't enough. When you see yourself the way your loved ones see you, all this panic vanishes. Make sure you reach out and find new ways to connect with others. It could make all the difference.


You might be feeling a little strained lately, Gemini, as though simple tasks are way too difficult to accomplish. However, your mind is also playing games with you and making a mountain out of a mole hill. This week, getting things done will be your saving grace. Remember that self-care also looks like crossing things off your to-do list. It will lift a weight off your chest.


You're existing in your own little world lately, Cancer. It's time to change the scenery. Even if you can't exactly go on your dream vacation at the moment, a simple walk through nature will make you feel so rejuvenated and grounded. You don't have to be all alone with these feelings. It's time to open some windows and get a breath of fresh air. Your soul needs it.



You're bubbling with social energy lately, Leo. It's making you feel like being connected with humanity, making new friends, and taking care of others. However, if these connections are superficial, it will leave you feeling emotionally spent. It may be better to focus on the few friends you can be your true self with rather than the many who barely know you. Your closest loved ones will make you feel seen.


You've got so many goals you're trying to accomplish at the moment, Virgo. You're tapping into your ambition and working overtime trying to make your dreams reality. However, you may think you're above needing help at the moment. Teaming up with someone will not only help you get things done, but it might just make your combined work even better. Share in the glory, Virgo.


You want to see the world, Libra. At the moment, however, the world may feel so much smaller than it should. You're probably feeling the effects of cabin fever, but there's no reason to lose hope. Instead, find time to plan out your future. Even though things are slow at the moment, planning everything you'll do once it speeds up again will remind you of how big the world really is.


You're in the midst of a transitional period, Scorpio. One thing is coming to an end while another thing is beginning. Even though you might feel stuck in the liminal space between two chapters of your life, this time is precious. Use it to tell your truth through creativity. Artistic expression will be your saving grace this week, so give yourself permission to make a mess just for the fun of it.



A relationship may be on your mind, Sagittarius. Whether this relationship is currently on rocky footing or it feels too good to be true, it's teaching you a lot about your relationship patterns. As you make up your mind about it, ask yourself whether you feel more like yourself when you're around this person versus when you're away from them. It's the most important question.


You might be feeling so overwhelmed by your day-to-day routine. It's possible you've lost track of time or somewhere along the line, you've become disorganized. Let this be a learning opportunity instead of an opportunity to get down on yourself. Learn new techniques, methods, and styles for getting your work done. Your mind is hungry for knowledge.


Has something that once brought you a lot of joy lost its spark? Are you trying — and failing — to reconnect with a passion of yours? There's no need to force it, Aquarius. These things are deeply embedded within you and aren't going anywhere. Focus on reminding yourself you haven't lost anything, you're simply discovering new things. It will all come back to you eventually.


If you feel as though you're lost in a sea of emotion, as though you could cry at any moment, try and recognize how beautiful that is. You're a deeply emotional person and it's not a weakness; it's a strength. Whenever the world tries to make you something you aren't, exert your individuality even harder. No one can make you feel small unless you let them.