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Your May 18 Weekly Horoscope Is *Full* Of Possibilities


It's time to let loose, tap into your silly side, and fill your brain with some knowledge, because as of May 20, the sun enters Gemini and the season of mischief begins. Use this energy to see all sides of an argument and open your mind, because Gemini is one of the most adaptable signs out there. This is not time for stubborn thinking, but for entertaining details and outcomes. Your May 18, 2020 weekly horoscope is here and it's all about possibilities.

Unfortunately, this Gemini season is off to a strange start, especially as Venus retrograde forms a square with disorienting and overly emotional Neptune on May 20. Since Venus is the planet of love and money, this transit could encourage a skewed vision of your relationships and financial state. Trust issues and insecurities rooted in difficult memories may arise, so ask yourself whether these feelings have to do with your current reality or a past that has come and gone. These fears can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so try to have a rational perspective of your situation. When communicative Mercury later squares Neptune on May 22, you might find these strange thoughts are intensifying all the more, so find ways to clear your head.

When the sun forms a trine with committed and settled Saturn on May 22, however, you'll find so much strength and stability, even if your emotions feel like they're going completely haywire. Use this energy to get grounded and focus on what's real rather than stressful hypotheticals. Let Saturn keep you steady and give you the boost needed to produce concrete results.

As the new moon in Gemini replenishes the night sky on May 22 at 1:38 p.m. ET, it will be a chance to take your feelings and incorporate the wisdom they contain. Gemini is all about seeking the truth, and even if your heart feels heavy, it contains something useful. Take a step back from what you're feeling and unpack these thoughts. Learn how to let go of what will never serve you and keep what does. Ask yourself what's based on the truth and what's based on lies your insecurities have told you. Ask yourself why it's so easy to believe something so negative but it's so hard to believe something positive. Chances are, the truth lies somewhere in between, and if you focus on nothing more than the facts, you'll find what the truth.



You're learning so much about the integrity of your thoughts and words. You may feel tempted to lie, but the truth will always set you free. While your ego may convince you it's better to believe a different version of the story, focusing on what's been proven to be true will feel surprisingly refreshing. It not only allows people to get to know you, but allows you to get to know yourself.


You may feel as though so much has been taken away from you and you've had no time or energy to replenish what's been lost. However, you're not seeing the situation clearly. As long as you are here, nothing has truly been lost. External things will always come and go. Learn how to let your self-worth come from within. The world will always attempt to convince you otherwise.


Your perception of yourself is a tricky thing. It's easy to let one flaw expand in your mind until it's consumed the whole picture. But you are not that one flaw. You are a mosaic of so many beautiful things that cannot be reduced to an idea of perfection. If you take the time to appreciate all of it — even the darker parts — you'll realize how there is so much strength in recognizing your dimension.


It's time to break the bad habit of letting difficult memories from your past dictate your future. If you're letting a painful experience from your past tell you who you are, you're giving it way more power than you should. Just because someone hurt you before doesn't mean they were right to. Their words only hold as much value as you give them. Release yourself from their grip.



You may find yourself wishing for the wrong things. It's time to reframe your perspective, because wishing for impossible things only prolongs the pain of your current reality. Instead, wish for things that can come true, especially if you work hard for them. Center your wishes on your present reality and your future. The universe can't grant your wishes, but you can.


You may be judging yourself so harshly that you're discouraging yourself from even trying. There will always be people who hate your work, but there will also be people who either love what you do or see the potential in it. Learn how to subtract useless negativity and incorporate valid criticism into your work. Never take things personally. You're a constant work in progress.


You might be struggling to find meaning in your life, but you're missing the point. The meaning is never defined for you. It's up to you to find the meaning in everything around you. Something totally pointless to one person can mean everything to someone else. It's time to go back to the drawing board and identify what made you lose hope. It's time to give it another chance.


You may have the desire to let down your guard and be vulnerable. However, if you do this with someone you don't really trust, you'll wind up crawling even further back into your shell. It's important to let your feelings be known, but even more important to learn the difference between someone who has your back and someone who's taking advantage of you.



If you're experiencing so much emotion geared at one person, it's important you don't get carried away. Whether you feel strong like or dislike, recognize where you might be painting a picture of them in your head that's not really true. Let the facts of who they are speak for themselves. If you're not ready to make a decision about them, don't feel pressured to. These things are rarely ever black or white.


You may be distancing yourself from your usual routine and spacing out. While it's important to embrace your dreams and take breaks, getting your work done first will prevent you from feeling anxious. You may be placing too much power on a task you keep procrastinating. However, when you actually sit down to do it, you'll probably realize it was a lot less difficult than you previously thought.


You're in the midst of a highly creative and romantic time. However, if you overindulge, you might regret your decisions later. Practice self-control and remember you can always do more later. Find a way to express yourself that's not only transcendent, but ultimately, a grounding experience. Creativity is not about escaping reality, but seeing the beauty that already exists within your reality.


You're feeling incredibly sensitive and if you don't have healthy boundaries in your relationships, you may feel depleted. You have every right to say "no" if you really don't want to do something, so practice saying it. While you want to be as helpful and kind as possible, it's important to be kind to yourself first. If someone sees your "no" as selfish, they, in fact, are selfish.