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4 Planets Are Retrograde RN, & Your May 11 Weekly Horoscope Has All The Details


The sun is still in sensual, grounded, and loyal Taurus, but Gemini season is slowly but surely creeping up on you. As of May 11, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will enter its home sign of Gemini, encouraging long conversations well into the night, multitasking on multiple projects, and of course, learning all about new subjects. However, Gemini is influencing this week in more ways than one and your May 11, 2020 weekly horoscope has all the details.

As of this week, three planets will station retrograde (joining Pluto, already retrograde) and it's enough to make your head spin. It all begins with Saturn retrograde on May 11, then continues with Venus retrograde on May 13, and finally, Jupiter retrograde on May 14. While Saturn and Jupiter retrograde will last many months, encouraging you to reserve time for introspection, self-improvement, and review, it's Venus retrograde you should really be worried about. After all, Venus is the planet of love, friendship, and money, and when this planet is retrograde, it tends to inflict confusion in all these sectors of life. Taking place in Gemini, this Venus retrograde is about how well you speak the language of love, keep things interesting in a relationship, and maintain an open mind as you get to know one another. As long as you can be as flexible as Gemini during this time, there's no reason to sweat it.

Retrogrades aside, this week is off to a rocky start when chatty Mercury forms a square with aggressive Mars on May 12. This transit can encourage hot-headedness and overly sensitive thinking. Try not to take everything personally, because some things are really not worth fighting about. Make sure you get the whole story before jumping to conclusions. When Mars — planet of drive and combat — enters dreamy, empathetic, and emotional Pisces on May 13, it will be all too easy to imagine things are far worse than they really are. However, Mars in Pisces is a great time to practice forgiveness whenever you can and to put yourself in someone's shoes before letting anger get the best of you.

Luckily, the universe has provided you with a stable backdrop as you get used to all these disorienting shifts. On May 12, Mercury will form a grounding trine with Saturn — planet of boundaries and rules — providing you with a foundation to focus clearly and speak with integrity. And, when the sun forms a trine with both transformative Pluto and expansive Jupiter by May 17, you'll have an opportunity to grow, learn, and strengthen yourself in so many ways. Don't be afraid of taking risks or trying things you're second guessing yourself about. Even if you fail, your skin is becoming thicker.



You may find yourself getting tongue-tied this week, so make sure you think what you're saying through before saying it. There's no rush, so let critical thinking be your best friend this week. If you're feeling restless or anxious, try focusing on a simple task. Watching yourself get things done step by step will soothe your busy mind. Give yourself something to do.


You may feel as though you need to buy certain things or make a certain amount of money in order to feel whole. However, this feeling of emptiness cannot be filled with material things. This week, you're finding ways to appreciate the abundance you already have. Let your self-worth be dependent on nothing but yourself, not things that can be taken away from you.


This week, you may be feeling insecure about who you are and what people think of you. However, you're not seeing yourself clearly and objectively. You're probably focusing on everything going wrong, not everything going right. Talking about your feelings with someone you trust will help you realize how untrue these thoughts really are. Open your heart to a new perspective.


You may be feeling as though your loved ones aren't there for you right now. However, this is probably because old wounds are being reopened, not because you're truly being abandoned. Communication is key, because you deserve reassurance. But you should also try to be understanding of where your loved ones are coming from, because not everything is about you.



Unresolved conflicts with loved ones may be resurfacing. While your instinct may be to ignore these issues, confronting them will give you the closure you desire. It may be time to decide whether this relationship is worth saving or not. You've got so much going for you, so don't let a toxic friendship get in the way of your goals. You need support right now.


You may find yourself in the hot seat this week. If you're being put in a position to defend yourself, remain strong. However, this is also an opportunity to rethink your career goals and your means of accomplishing them. Ask yourself what you truly want, because the traditional route may not take you where you want to go. Think outside of the box whenever you can.


You may feel trapped this week, as though you don't have the means or freedom to do what you really want to do. However, instead of being defeated by these limitations, get creative. Find a way around these limitations, because there do exist. Keep having faith in the future, because you're pushing through a difficult time. So much success lies on the other side of it.


You're questioning the depth of the relationships in your life. Are you surrounding yourself with people who truly care about you? Are you being brave enough to let down your guard and be vulnerable with them? You're craving intimacy, and without it, your relationships may feel pointless. Be honest about how you're feeling. The way someone responds will speak for itself.



You may be thinking about relationships that have come and gone this week. What can be learned from mistakes you've made? Is there unfinished business that must be dealt with? Love is messy and there's never a right or wrong answer. You decide the terms, so think about who makes your life better and who makes it more difficult. Make space for the right people.


All the ways in which you've been unkind to your body and mind are becoming apparent this week. This is the perfect time to rethink the decisions you make and the habits you've forged. Changes can't be made overnight, but they will take effect over time with baby steps. Just remember to have fun in the process instead of punishing yourself. The journey is what matters.


Has life lost its fun? Has a relationship lost its spark? Now's the time to think of ways to spice things up. How can you reconnect with your inner creativity? How can you become more enthusiastic about your relationship? This requires effort on your part, but most importantly, it requires your faith. If you're ready to give up, then you have to take at least some of the blame.


You may be experiencing discomfort in your life at the moment, as though you're not able to reach a state of relaxation. It's time to work through the kinks in your life. Activities such as cleaning and reorganizing will bring you so much peace. Plus, if you're feeling resentment towards someone you love, talking about it will set you free.