Your Mars In Leo Career Horoscope Will Help You Shine At Work

You know that exciting feeling of wanting something so badly you would do anything to make it yours? There's no logic involved in this feeling, nor does it have to make sense. You simply feel hungry for success and that motivation seems as natural as breathing. In astrology, it's the planet Mars that instills you with such ambition, and when your commitment to a goal is so unwavering, you have Mars to thank. Luckily, you're on the brink of a very satisfying and creative time in astrology and your Mars in Leo 2019 career horoscope has all the details.

Mars will be in Leo from July 1 to August 18 and this is a perfect time to express yourself, own the person you are, amp up your level of confidence, and enjoy the ride. No matter the occasion, Leo wants to shine as bright as the sun, and this astrological transit is about putting yourself first. If you have self-doubt that normally prevents you from taking a risk or standing in the spotlight, now's the time to let it go, because Leo has too much passion to contain itself.

However, even though this can be an incredibly prolific time for your career pursuits, let's not forget Mercury will retrograde from July 7 to July 31 and a lunar eclipse will rattle the cosmos on July 16. As you probably already know, Mercury retrograde can decrease your energy levels, disorganize your business, and confuse communications. To make matters even more complicated, a lunar eclipse has the power to shift the trajectory of your career completely, if the universe deems it necessary. With all that being said, Mars in Leo will be a time of creative reflection and passionate exploration. Look inside yourself and find Leo's light of self-love. It can help you overcome anything.

Here's how it will shake out in your sign:


You're infusing a burst of artistic expression and passion into your career. Now's the time to find reasons to enjoy the career you've chosen or to think about whether or not you enjoy your career enough to stick to it. Just because it's work doesn't mean it can't also be fun.


You're searching for a sense of belonging in your chosen field. This is a beautiful time to forge deep connections with the people you work with and to make your workplace feel more like home. You spend so much of your life working, why not find ways to make it more comfortable?


You have the power to learn lots of new things and accomplish so much in a short amount of time. Your energy level is high and your momentum is going. This is a great time to reply to emails, engage in conversations, tackle your to-do list, and refresh your memory.


You're in the mood to increase your earnings and put in extra work for extra gain. Do you need to increase your income? Save up? Treat yourself by shopping? Your career is a balancing act between work and pay off, so find a balance that works for you. Stay hungry for what you want.


Your confidence is through the roof right now. When you walk into a room, everyone stops to take notice of your capable and galvanizing presence. This is a beautiful time to apply to jobs, participate in competitions, and put yourself out there because you're impossible to forget.


You're enduring a period of reflection and you're considering what works for you and what doesn't when it comes to your career. You may think you're being lazy or that you lack motivation, but the truth is everyone needs a moment of rest every once in a while. Now's your time.


Your leadership abilities are on fire lately and this is a perfect time to spearhead a project, take colleagues under your wing, and network. You have so much power to transform your career on the internet and make waves. It may be time to go against the grain and try something new at work.


You're refining your image and setting major career goals. It's time to make your talents known and to ask for recognition for all you've accomplished. Let the world know what you're capable of and trust that by putting yourself out there, the universe will make sure you're noticed.


You're widening your perspective on your career and seeing many possibilities previously unknown to you. There's no reason to go by the book or stick to a mundane or monotonous schedule. Try something spontaneous and look outside of the box for the answers.


You're tying off loose ends in your career and putting the past behind you. If there are any lingering debts, projects, or relationships that need to be settled, nows the time. Work on finishing off whatever is standing in the way of starting something new. This is a period of career transformations.


Your relationships are extremely important right now, so work on creating rapport and closeness with people you can work with. It may be time to forge a business partnership or strengthen your book of business. Remember that so much of your career has to do with who you know.


You're refining your daily routine and reconsidering the way you spend your time while working. Are you being efficient or productive? Are you allowing yourself enough rest? Are you working in a healthy manner? Think of how you can make the most of your 24-hour day, in both your life and career.