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Your March Tarotscope Contains All The Answers


Whenever I need some guidance from the universe, I always turn to my trusty deck of tarot cards. I light some sage to cleanse the air, take a few deep breaths to center myself, shuffle the cards, and ask the tarot my question. I let the symbols in the art, as well as the meaning behind the arcana, speak for themselves. Somehow, the tarot cards always answer my questions with mysterious and unexplainable accuracy. If you have a question but you don't have a deck with you at the moment, you're in luck, because I have pre-selected a tarot card that applies to your zodiac sign and your March 2020 tarotscope might just contain the answers your searching for.

However, you might have your reservations about tarot cards. Maybe you don't believe that anything can tell the future. Perhaps you're afraid of the tarot because you associate them with a bad horror movie you saw in the past. Honestly, you might even just think the whole idea sounds stupid. But please, allow me to give you another perspective of the tarot. I see the tarot as a story that can end in countless ways. The future is not set in stone, but as your intuition connects with the meaning of the tarot cards, you might just realize something important that can help you make wiser decisions.

Allow the tarot to grant you a deeper understanding of your current reality and the chance to make things right. Without further ado, here are your tarotscopes for the month of March:

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Aries: The Hanged Man

You've fought hard to maintain the cycle you've been living with, but you can't force something that doesn't want to be forced. Find acceptance in the fact that you've done all you can, but it is now out of your hands. It may be time to make your peace with a chapter that is now ending. You've been hanging on too tight and you don't have to fight any longer. Give yourself permission to finally let go.

Taurus: Seven Of Wands

You're being inundated with one obstacle after another. The stress of it all may leave you considering calling it quits, but you need to stick to your guns. You're a lot closer to the finish line than you think. Your grit matters now more than ever. If you want this bad enough, then anything is worth it. Get back up and try again when you fail. Soon, you will realize why it all was worth it.

Gemini: Eight Of Swords

You've been thinking yourself into a corner. If you let your thoughts run wild, they'll take you to some dark and dangerous places. If you're scared of monsters, it's time you remember that monsters are a figment of your imagination. Your fear may create formidable enemies, but your hope is far more powerful. Practice thinking positive thoughts and watch how so many of your problems dissipate.

Cancer: Ten Of Swords

You may be at your rope's end. You've been enduring a long and hard battle, but the good news is that it's almost over. However, you must ask yourself if your pain and frustration is something you've grown accustomed to. Do you not know how to live without it? Find the courage to sever ties with or distance yourself from whatever has been causing you so much grief. You owe it to yourself.


Leo: Queen Of Swords

Your perspective has matured and you're ready to take on so many of the responsibilities you've feared in the past. You've broken through your previous limitations and you're capable of things you may not have been capable of before. This is a beautiful time to redefine the terms of your life. Spend time forging a reality that is more in line with the person you're becoming.

Virgo: Queen Of Pentacles

You may be spending too much time on work and not enough time on yourself. However, you might be doing just the opposite, and prioritizing your own needs over your responsibilities. Now's the time for you to strike a healthy balance between what needs to get done and what you deserve. Set firm boundaries and rework your methods. If you can find harmony, you will be able to accomplish so much more.

Libra: Seven Of Cups

You're at a crossroads in life. Which is the road you should take? Connect deeply with your intuition and trust your gut on this one. You may think a certain path looks good on paper, but it may not lead you to self-fulfillment. You may fear a certain path because the stakes are high, but it could teach you a valuable lesson. Deep down, you know which road will bring you the happiness and growth you're seeking.

Scorpio: Seven Of Pentacles

You're starting to see results from all your hard work, as if the universe is finally beginning to grant your wishes. However, this is not an excuse to treat yourself to some rest. Your triumph is an indication that your efforts are working, so don't stop. Laziness is the last thing you need right now. Don't let this spark die out. Instead, blow on it until it transforms into a full flame.


Sagittarius: Six Of Pentacles

Have your passions lost their meaning? It's time you remember why you're committed to the people and projects you've made a commitment to. What's the higher reason behind it all? Instead of concerning yourself with "winning" and "success," think about how you can make the world a better place. If your work makes life easier for others, it will bring you the satisfaction you desire.

Capricorn: King Of Pentacles

Quit daydreaming about achieving something and finally begin trusting yourself enough to set it in motion. You have all the skills, resources, and opportunities to make your vision a reality. However, it's imperative that you think practically and seriously about your goals. Maintain discipline by creating a schedule, prioritizing your tasks, and making a commitment to yourself. Let nothing stand in your way.

Aquarius: Knight Of Cups

Not all things are meant to last forever, but that certainly doesn't mean they weren't beautiful while they lasted. Try not to think too much about commitment right now and enjoy the romance of the present moment. Even if the romance is short-lived, its effect on you could last a lifetime. Let it inject inspiration into your veins, and redefine your idea of what romance can look like.

Pisces: Five Of Cups

You have one of the deepest and most compassionate hearts in all the zodiac. However, the depth of your feeling is a gift just as much as it is a weakness. At what point are you not in control of the way you process your emotions? You may not have control over what you feel, but you do have a say in how you feel it. Find a way to harness your emotions for something beautiful rather than wallow in them.