Your June 3 New Moon In Gemini Horoscope Will Spark Your Imagination

Has nothing gone according to plan? Are you feeling confused about what step to take next? Not to worry, because whenever life gets out of control, there's always another new moon to help you through it. As the moon disappears into the night, it washes away your spiritual palette and gives you the chance for a fresh start. It's time to plant the seed of a new intention, because your June 3, 2019 new moon in Gemini horoscope is here to help you transform your idea into reality.

Taking place at 6:02 a.m., this new moon embodies the emotional hue of chatty, brainy, and quick-witted Gemini. This mutable air sign's power lies in communication and intellectual thinking. With a lunation that wants you to engage in conversation and share your ideas with others, it's time to focus on learning new subjects, indulging in social electricity, and stepping out of the box. Gemini is a jack of all trades, so use this new moon to focus on hobbies and interests that you may be neglecting. Use it to finally try something you've always wanted to try. This lunation is also a beautiful time to step away from how overwhelming your feelings may be, as Gemini tends to be a more rational zodiac sign. Concentrate on reality instead of the nonsense and anxiety flooding your mind.


You're connecting the dots at a rapid rate and coming up with brilliant ideas. Don't forget them. Use this energy to get a lot done, as you're capable of multitasking like a champ. It may even be time to have an important conversation with someone that gets the ball rolling towards success.


You're coming to terms with what kind of world you'd like to build for yourself. What possessions do you need? Are you making as much money as you'd like to be? It's time to set goals that move you towards a more stable and luxurious life. You deserve to feel safe where you stand.


Embrace motivation to better yourself. You're always in a process of growth and at one point, you were dreaming of being where you are now. It's time to acknowledge the person you're continuing to become and to let the world know who that person is. How do you want to present yourself?


This lunation will inspire you to be compassionate and empathetic. Your intuition will be lit on fire and it will help you realize what your soul needs. It's something far deeper than winning or being successful in society. It's time to become one with the universe and let go of your ego.


Motivation to make the world a better place will flow through you. Champion the underdog, work towards a great cause, and lend a helping hand. You may find yourself feeling more social than usual and inspired to get out and meet like-minded individuals. A community is out there.


You're in the mood to take your career more seriously and to make a major move towards success. You want to go hard, have courage, and put yourself out there. It's time to step out of the shadow you've been hiding in and go after what you want. Fail over and over again until you succeed.


If you've been worrying over the minuscule details and scrutinizing one flaw, this lunation will expand your mind. It's time to start considering the big picture because it's far more beautiful and full of more opportunities than you could possible imagine. Go and explore the great beyond.


From the ashes, the phoenix never fails to rise. Remember that as you come away from a difficult time in your life. You're rising once again and a new beginning is on the horizon. You're becoming more intimate with yourself, with others, and understanding this next chapter on a spiritual level.


This lunation will bring you closer to someone and fuel your one-on-one relationships with trust and understanding. It's time to join forces with someone who has the same mission that you do. Whether the relationship is love, friendship, or business, you both have so much to offer each other.


It's time to focus on your health and well-being. Are you taking care of yourself the way you should be? Make a plan to live a better lifestyle and tend to your mind and body. Revamp your daily routine so that you have more effective, productive, and restful use of your time. Simply try your best.


Your inner child is coming out to play, so hush the nervous adult voice in your mind. Indulge in creativity, fun, and pleasure. Do whatever makes you happy and express yourself. Never forget that reserving time for simply enjoying life is just as important as any work responsibilities or errands.


Put all your focus on tending to your home. Do you feel cozy and connected to your space? Are the people you surround yourself with on good terms with the people you return home to? If your home life is in disarray, the rest of your life will follow suit. Reacquaint yourself with the core of your universe.