Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It Will Fill Your Heart With Inspiration

Get excited, because the moment you've all been long waiting for has finally arrived. As of June 21, the sun will enter wistful, emotional, and highly intuitive Cancer, cannonballing us into the summer season with a splash. Prepare to feel your heart dripping in summer heat, because when the sun is in Cancer, it's time to get reacquainted with your most intrinsic needs. This moon-ruled water sign wants you to feel closer not only to your circle of loved ones, but also yourself, and your June 18, 2018, weekly horoscope is brimming with comforting prospects.

Although the week begins with disorienting Neptune retrograde, Mercury will also form a fortunate trine with Jupiter that floods your world with creative and positive energy. All the brilliant thoughts and ideas that'll inevitably spark in your mind will come to a galvanizing head through an expressive first quarter moon in Virgo. The week ends with a feisty opposition between Venus and Mars, ensuring that passions will be high; you have every reason to embrace the intense feelings that irresistibly form once summer finally begins.

Rest assured that even the trickier moments this week will feel exciting to you, as this season is a roller coaster ride, a setting of sails, and a wave crashing onto our shores. The summer solstice is only just the beginning of what's bound to be a wild ride.


The sun enters Cancer in your fourth house of home and family, causing you to look inwardly, relying on aspects of your life that help you feel most secure. As Mercury and Jupiter form a trine, you'll feel deeply connected to your family and closest loved ones, and intuitive conversations will ensue. The moon in Virgo will also be in your sixth house of work and health, pouring meticulous energy into your life that helps you cross things off your to-do list.


Your third house of communication is lit up by the Cancer sun, helping you express yourself with intuitive understanding and emotional intelligence. You could become much closer with certain people, as Mercury trine Jupiter will help you forge more personal partnerships. When the moon in Virgo lights up your fifth house of creativity, you'll feel compelled to indulge in lighter prospects that spread whimsy and fun throughout your world.


With the Cancer sun in your second house of finance, you're entering a period where accumulating more money and material possessions is at the forefront of your mind. You'll have no problem making your dreams of wealth happen, as Mercury trine Jupiter will help you work diligently and intelligently. With the Virgo moon in your fourth house of home and family, you'll feel drawn towards your core values, wanting to establish security and intimacy with those who matter most.


As the sun enters your own sign, you're in the midst of a period of prime power, vitality, and strength. Your appearance glows and your personality shines. Mercury trine Jupiter will allow you to create something magical with this power, giving you one beautiful idea after another. It truly is a perfect week to engage in artistic pursuits. Your third house of communication is lit up by an analytical Virgo moon, helping you express your feelings with clear and logical ease.


With the Cancer sun in your 12th house of spirituality, the next month will be about retreating inwardly and taking care of your internal world. You'll want to spend time with your heart and mind. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter, you'll find yourself feeling most comfortable around your family and close friends, wanting to be around people you trust. The Virgo moon shines in your second house of finances, pressing you to think responsibly about securing enough wealth to take care of everyone.


Your 11th house of friends is powered by the Cancer sun, catapulting you into a period of socialization where you'll want to connect with new people on a deep level. You'll be surprised just how many friendships you'll forge, as Mercury trine Jupiter is making everyone want to know you. With the moon in Virgo, you'll feel flushed with sensitivity, with your capable nature allowing you to lend a helping hand to others, fix anything that's broken, and be an irreplaceable presence wherever you go.


With the Cancer sun in your 10th house of social status, you're concerned with your reputation and how successful you are in your chosen field. It's time to make big moves and glean recognition for your work. Mercury trine Jupiter will make sure there are dollar signs to account for how hard you're working. The Virgo moon is pouring dreamy energy into your 12th house of the subconscious, helping you use the fruits of your imagination to refine the details of your life.


Your ninth house of adventure is all lit up by the Cancer sun, pushing you to learn more, travel far, and infuse your world with new experiences. What better an astrological house to start the summer with? Mercury trine Jupiter will make you feel like no idea is too big and no destination is too far. There's no better time than now to globe trot. The Virgo moon in your 11th house of community inspires you to bring as many friends as you can along for the ride, strengthening your social life.


The Cancer sun infuses your eighth house of loss and transformation with energy, pushing you to get rid of things that are no longer serving you and grow. Mercury trine Jupiter will allow you to immediately feel relieved and strengthened by the changes taking place. The Virgo moon in your 10th house of reputation pushes you to think strategically about your career, inspiring you to work hard, make big changes, and focus on your own personal gain.


Your seventh house of partnerships is being powered by the Cancer sun, pushing you to forge closer bonds with your loved ones. Romance and best friendships ensue under these conditions. You'll feel this luck flushing your entire social life as Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter, helping you fearlessly connect with everybody. The Virgo moon in your ninth house of adventure pushes you to embark on wild escapades in your community, creating long-lasting memories with your friends.


With the Cancer sun in your sixth house of productivity, you're entering a period in which you're prioritizing your responsibilities. It's time to focus on your health and your work. Mercury trine Jupiter will give you all the energy you need to cross things off your to-do list. It will also you to network and connect with people who inspire you to maintain self-care. As the Virgo moon lights up your eighth house of transformation, you'll feel compelled to do something drastic that starts from deep within.


The Cancer sun shining in your fifth house of pleasure ensures that the beginning of summer will be full of fun and creativity. You're deeply in-tune with the careless joy that this season is all about. Mercury trine Jupiter will inspire you to get out there and explore all that summer has to offer, infusing your world with excitement. As the Virgo moon lights up your seventh house of partnerships, your emotions will be geared towards loving and connecting with a few special souls in your life.