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Your July 27 Weekly Horoscope Feels Like A Roller Coaster Of Emotions


When I looked at the astrology slated to take place this week, I was reminded of how the cosmos rarely ever takes a break for long. There will always be ups and downs headed your way. The sun is currently in bold, audacious, and flashy Leo, increasing your desire to be seen and heard. The need to express yourself has never been stronger, which makes it all the more difficult to choose wisely when acting on your emotions. Even though your July 27, 2020 weekly horoscope may be chaotic, it will provide you with a glimpse at your deepest truth. How you choose to harness your truth will always be your decision and yours only. Luckily, creativity thrives during Leo season.

This week begins with expansive and adventurous Jupiter forming a sextile with dreamy and otherworldly Neptune on July 27. This major transit encourages spiritual connection, driving you to seek deeper truths and believe in the impossible. Although this week will definitely feel intense and tumultuous, it's clear you're learning so much about yourself and the world you live in. You may even realize things you've never thought of before or experience epiphanies that change everything.

However, this transit coincides with loving and romantic Venus squaring off with hazy and irrational Neptune. This may make you feel unsure of where you stand in your relationships, driving up sensitivity and blurring the lines you once thought were drawn so precisely. And, if you're feeling vulnerable, it may be difficult to resist lashing out with messenger Mercury squaring off with aggressive Mars.

On July 30, Mercury will form an opposition to indulgent and over-the-top Jupiter, encouraging lofty ideas and expansive experiences. Prepare to feel inspired to go after your wildest dreams, but be careful not to get ahead of yourself before you're truly ready. On the same day, Mercury will form a trine with compassionate and creative Neptune, encouraging you to spread kindness and turn your ideas into something beautiful. Forgive yourself because you deserve love and a second chance. By August 1, Mercury will oppose transformative and shadowy Pluto, driving you to take your mistakes and use them as motivation to become better than ever. However, remember that Pluto can take you to a dark place, so if your thoughts seem particularly vengeful or negative, try to heal them instead of act out.

This week ends with the sun squaring off with volatile and erratic Uranus, putting everything in jeopardy. Prepare for unexpected changes in your world (changes you may or may not be responsible for). Uranus is a lightning strike of energy, appearing out of nowhere and landing like a fiery spear. Leo season has only just begun and it's already interesting.



Don't believe everything you hear this week, and be careful what you say. The temptation to blur the lines of truth may feel hard to resist. With how sensitive and in touch with your emotions you currently are, there's a stronger chance you could take things personally this week. However, your ability to engage in healing and spread kindness is stronger than ever.


Not all that glitters is hold, and this week, you could be falling for a mirage. The world may try to convince you that you need something else in order to feel whole. Give yourself time before you act on such an emotion. Your words have incredible power this week. Remember the lasting impact they have. What you learn has the power to stick with you for a long time to come.


Draw firm boundaries for yourself this week. If someone or something is stealing away too much of your precious energy, tap into your ability to disconnect and tend to yourself. You have the power to transform your sense of self by standing your ground. If something is truly yours, you don't have to exert control over it. Let it go and trust it will return to you.


You may feel particularly disconnected from reality this week. Instead of punishing yourself for not getting as much done as you'd like, think of your state of mind as an opportunity to delve deeper spiritually. You're simply connected to something higher. Remember: The way others see you has very little to do with who you are and everything to do with how they see themselves.



You may not know who your true friends are at the moment. Try not to let your instincts guide your judgments of the people you hold close. Chances are, they're going through a battle of their own. Instead of focusing on how you're being treated, think of how you are doing the treating. Know in your heart you've done all you can and let the story unfold on its own.


You may feel more competitive than ever this week, but competing against others will never produce results the way competing against yourself will. Think not of where others are, but of where you used to be and how far you've already come. Celebrate each small success and keep your eyes on your own paper. You'll never know what others are truly going through.


You may have your sights set on something, but not everything is as it seems. Be open to changing your mind and give yourself time before coming to a firm conclusion. All you need to focus on is having faith in yourself, knowing you can handle the shifting tides just as much as you always have. Psyching yourself out before you've truly given yourself a chance will lead you nowhere.


Things may truly feel a whole lot worse than they actually are this week. Your negative thoughts may spiral if not kept in check. Focus on separating fact from fiction, because your imagination may be creating problems that aren't truly there. You may feel a desire for freedom; for something larger than life. Focus on giving yourself that freedom, because you hold onto the key to finding out what you want.



You may feel a strong desire to merge with someone else and connect to them on a deeper level than ever before. Take care not to lose yourself in the process by adapting to their needs while forgetting your own. Take things moment by moment this week, as you may be jumping ahead into the future or clinging to the past. The only thing that is certain is right now.


Your routine may feel completely out of order, creating disarray in your ability to focus or accomplish basic tasks. Remember to prioritize your mental wellbeing above all, because that can't wait while other things can. Act with intention in mind, because your instincts may not lead you to your desired result. If a relationship matters to you, remember that it is a cooperative effort.


Your creativity is unfolding like never before this week. Prepare to feel inspired by how different the world seems. However, remember that all feelings are temporary. Try to accept that emotions come in waves and they all pass. Chasing a good time will only make the crash come faster and harder. Use your creativity to help you get through the difficult moments rather than avoiding them altogether.


It may feel harder to feel nurtured, safe, or understood. If you're not receiving compassion from the world around you, make sure you give that compassion to yourself, as its impact will always be stronger than what can be given to you externally. If someone doesn't vibe with your personality, it simply may not be the right match. It has nothing to do with you.