Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here To Prepare You For The Chaos That Lies Ahead

As you may already know, we're in the midst of one of the most beautiful and complex eclipse seasons we've seen in a long time This marks the beginning of a whole new era in your life, so hold on tight and brace yourself for what's to come. We began with an optimistic partial solar eclipse in Cancer last week, casting a sheen of magic over an area of your life that needed sprucing up. However, we still have the longest total lunar eclipse of the century coming up next week, and this one will yank all the skeletons out of your closet without apology. As we prepare for the mayhem that's bound to ensue, your July 16, 2018, weekly horoscope is here to help you in any way it can.

Luckily, this week provides a respite from the chaos. As Venus, ruler of friendship and romance, forms a powerful trine with grounding Saturn and a soothing sextile with expansive Jupiter (a planet that has been recently relieved of its retrograde), you have all the strength to shape your world into the one you want it to become. With a ripening first quarter moon in Libra allowing you to balance and cleanse your emotions before the big finale next week, you should take time to listen to the echoes of your heart. As the week ends with the sun entering fiery, flashy, and glamorous Leo on July 22, you'll feel a burst of creativity brighten your world. Remember that there will always be art, fun, and beauty to make the darkness easier to stomach.


As Venus in your sixth house of work and productivity forms bonds with Jupiter and Saturn in your career and transformation houses, your energy is geared toward self-promotion and self-care. It's a great week to focus on a to-do list that you've long procrastinated on. It's also the right time to make a bold choice in your career, one that you've been ready to make for a while now. As the moon lights up your seventh house of partnerships, it may be time to forge a deeper connection with someone, whether for business purposes or emotional ones.


Your ruling planet, Venus, sits in your fifth house of creativity, powering you with dazzle and sparkle. When it becomes harmonious with Jupiter and Saturn in your partnership and adventure houses, you are being called upon to embark on a wild ride with someone you hold close. Maybe even a road trip out of town is in question. As long as you set your worries aside and focus on the present moment, you're doing it right. When the moon pours itself into your sixth house of detoxification, you should prioritize your health and mental well-being above all.


With Venus in your fourth house of core values, you are focusing your sights on what makes you feel safe at home. When Venus connects with Jupiter and Saturn in your work and transformation houses, it's time to slow down and focus your energy inward. Take time to accomplish calming and organizing tasks that put you at ease. You shouldn't move so fast, especially with Mercury (your ruling planet) in the shadow period of its retrograde. If your energy feels scattered, listless, and erratic, feel free to center yourself and leave the outside world behind for now.


Your third house of communication is being loved by Venus. As it forms pacts with Jupiter and Saturn in your adventure and creativity houses, you'll find that inspiration is looking for you wherever you go. It's a great week to set aside time for an artistic project that you've been dreaming about, or to at least do something that allows you to express yourself. When the moon lights up your fourth house of the home (your ruling house), you'll feel cozy and secure, like everything is exactly as it should be. Use this energy to spread love all around you.


With Venus in your second house of self-worth, you're focusing on material gain, the enlargement of your wealth, and establishing security. When it connects with Jupiter and Saturn in your home and work houses, there's no better time to focus your sights on monetary goals that make your sense of self all the more strengthened. Tune out distracting noise, and concentrate on your personal dreams. When the sun enters your first house of the self and launches your solar return, you'll be transformed by a brand new shade of power.


With Venus in your first house of the self, charisma and authenticity is radiating from your being with wild abandon. As it forges links with Jupiter and Saturn in your communication and creativity houses, you're understanding how to fuse magic with every word spoken and every action taken. Don't waste this expressive energy. With Mercury (your ruling planet) in the middle of the shadow period that preludes a retrograde, you may feel tempted to hole up and hide. If you're tempted to crawl inward, do something gratifying with your alone time.


With the moon in your first house of the self, you have the power to align your heart with your mind. The actions taken during this time will have epic meaning, as you will believe in them wholeheartedly. Let your intuition guide you. As Venus, your ruling planet, forms a connection with Jupiter and Saturn in your financial house and your house of the home, your sights are set on personal improvement, on having the extra cash that you need in order to situate yourself in a place of status and comfort. Do work that brings you closer to stability.


As Venus lingers in your 11th house of community, you're feeling tempted to crawl out of introversion and dive into social expression and connectivity. Making new friends and rekindling old ones is what you're about right now. As Venus becomes harmonious with Jupiter and Saturn in your house of selfhood and house of communication, you're becoming reacquainted with everything that makes you you. You're filing down what's unnecessary and inviting more of the energy you crave. With the moon in your house of spirituality, you'll feel authentic from the inside out.


Your 10th house of the career is flashing with Venus' light, allowing you to fully endorse yourself as the brilliant mind you are. When it connects with Jupiter (your ruling planet) and Saturn in your subconscious and financial houses, you'll feel an ease that extends between your inner world and your material one. We often feel like we must choose between money and spirituality. This week, you're using one to help the other. With the moon in your 11th house of community, you're being nudged toward working with others, toward cooperating on a group level to achieve greatness.


With Venus in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, you're in the mood to learn more and accumulate more experiences. Daring to go the extra mile, its connection with Jupiter and Saturn (your ruling planet) in your community house and your house of the self is asking you to expand your circle and invite people who share the same interests as you. Seek them out, for they are also seeking you. As your 10th house of career is powered by the moon, you're being called to reinforce your offered services and further strengthen your position in this world.


Your eighth house of death and rebirth is being adored by Venus, causing you to bloom beautifully into a more passionate self. This raw, animal energy is forming a bond with Jupiter and Saturn in your career and spirituality houses, asking you to leave behind distractions and focus on your overall goals in society. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to do? With the moon in your ninth house of knowledge, you're absorbing information and wisdom that you'll need later, when the total lunar eclipse dawns in your name next week, changing everything.


With Venus in your seventh house of partnerships, you're attracted to close bonds that involve unconditional trust. It's a beautiful week to spend time with your closest loved ones or grow even closer to someone new. As it becomes harmonious with Jupiter and Saturn in your adventure and community houses, your perception of reality is becoming more and more useful to you, allowing you to be your smartest and cleverest self as you traverse social grounds. When the moon energizes your eighth house of transformation, you're being nudged to let something go so that something better can come together.