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It's The First Week Of January & Things Are Shaking Up In Your Horoscope


2021 is finally here and it's already interesting. After all, the week jumps off with an intensely motivating Mercury-Pluto conjunction on Jan. 4, pushing your perspective to the limit. Make no mistake, you're tapping into your inner phoenix, helping you rise from the darkness and into the light. And that's just the beginning of your January 4, 2021 weekly horoscope.

This week paves the way for a few planetary shifts that will certainly shake things up. For starters, Mars — planet of ambition and assertion — will finally change zodiacs signs after spending the last six months in Aries. If you've been feeling like the energy is somewhat stale, stagnant, and monotonous, the fact that Mars will charge into Taurus on Jan. 6 will make such a tangible difference. Mars gains some perspective in thoughtful and pragmatic Taurus, decelerating its speed and thinking twice before making a move. This will feel so different from the impulsive and impatient energy of Aries, proving that slow and steady always wins the race.

You'll start to notice more shifts as of Jan. 8. This is when Mercury — planet of communication — enters social and eccentric Aquarius, encouraging trailblazing ideas and extraverted energy. It will also grant your thinking a bit of much needed logic and levelheadedness. It's also when affectionate and luxurious Venus enters committed and serious Capricorn. In Capricorn, Venus isn't much for frills, thrills, or grand gestures. Instead, Venus prefers stability and dedication. Some might call that boring, but Venus in Capricorn is all about creating a healthy and sturdy relationship.

Luckily, the romantic and whimsical vibes will also turn up a notch on Jan. 8, when the sun forms a sextile with dreamy and fantastical Neptune, encouraging creativity and color. But be mindful of the passion getting a little too intense, because messenger Mercury will also form a tense square with fighter Mars on Jan. 8, creating the perfect environment for an argument over something totally pointless.

However, the passion is certainly undeniable, and by Jan. 9, it will be more than palpable. Romantic Venus will form a trine with primal Mars, turning up the heat and tapping into your desire for some carnal affections. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your love, whether that be in the bedroom or over the phone.

Just make sure you take it easy when attempting expressing yourself. Jan. 9 is also when chatty Mercury and inhibiting Saturn will join forces, making it more difficult to let down your guard and be honest. Instead of pushing the conversation when it doesn't want to be pushed, attempt to listen. You might learn something you wouldn't have known had you forced yourself to fill the silence and keep talking.



Your vision for your future and your career goals is coming together this week. Spend time manifesting your success. However, your current reality may also be at deep odds with your dreams, leaving you feeling as though you're so far behind that you don't even know where to begin. Try having respect for where you are right now, because there's still so much to be proud of and honor yourself for.


Who you are and what other people see when they look at you are two different things. This week, you may find your true self pouring through, eradicating your carefully articulated image. It may feel uncomfortable and out of line, but it's actually breaking through so many boundaries that have been holding you back. Don't allow yourself to be constricted by everyone else's idea of you.


You want more than anything to expand; to break away from your routine and embrace a sense of adventure. However, even your fearlessness is rooted in fear, and this week, those fears may start to creep in. Instead of shying away from it, trust in your ability to conquer what seems impossible to conquer. There is transformative energy supporting you right now. Use it.


When you look at others, you only see a fraction of the story. You don't see everything they've been through to get to where they are today and you don't feel everything they've felt. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remember that what you see is not necessarily what you get. Trust that you're exactly where you're supposed to be, because this is not the competition you might think it is.



You may find yourself running into disagreements with someone you're supposed to work well with. Your visions for the end result may be different, but you're thinking too far ahead. You're in the brainstorming period, and chances are, both of your perspectives are bound to change. Agreeing is not what's important. Committing to putting in the effort is what counts. Take things one step at a time.


You may be feeling a lot bolder this week; a lot more ready to experiment and try new things. However, your desire for an adrenaline rush could overstep a few boundaries if you're not careful. Make sure you take into account the tasks that need to get done and the priorities that matter right now. Mix your creative instincts with form and organization and watch what a difference it makes.


This week, you might find yourself focusing on what you don't have instead of what you have. You might find yourself obsessing over insignificant details that don't matter in the grand scheme of things instead of focusing on the beauty of the present moment. Make a point of appreciating the love and color that surrounds you this week. Everything else is just white noise.




You may be feeling like there's a lot on your plate this week, potentially more than you can handle. Give yourself permission to exert your boundaries and take control of your own time. However, if you have no choice but to power through, take note of your situation and brainstorm ways to avoid this work pileup in the future. And don't worry — by the end of the week, you'll feel so proud of what you accomplished.


Passions are running high and your desire to make everything seem more interesting and romantic than usual will be difficult to repress. However, don't forget to keep your serenity in mind. Indulging in too much of a good thing might feel incredible in the moment, but you may wind up regretting it if you overdo it. Make sure to build a solid foundation that you can work with this week.


You want to feel comfortable in your home environment so that you can be yourself. However, if your surroundings and your relationships aren't giving you the space to be yourself, you might start to take notice this week. Work on breaking the patterns and cycles you have allowed to continue and creating the home that you not only want, but need. Don't give away your spiritual peace so easily.


Be careful what you say this week. Your voice carries power and it's important that you're mindful of how you use that power. The desire to be honest may trump what is necessary and fair. Consider the impact of what you're saying and remember that it's OK to keep some things to yourself. People in your community are relying on you to set a positive example, so communicate with that in mind.