Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Your Love Life Is About To Get Interesting

I know things have been weighing down on you lately. Trust me, I'm right there with you. As you push through the residual energy of the lunar eclipse in Leo we endured last week, things may feel unsettled and uncertain. However, even though you're going through rapid changes and you may feel unsure of where your headed, your January 28, 2019, weekly horoscope will steady you every step of the way.

This happens to be a very powerful week for manifesting, so guide your visions toward the reality you desire. On Jan. 31, Saturn — planet of responsibility and maturity — forms a sextile with Neptune — planet of dreams and spirituality. By getting in touch with your intuition and taking time to nurture and replenish your energy, you'll find your world shaping in the way you will it. When Venus — planet of luxury, beauty, and love — forms a trine with radical, revolutionary, and individualistic Uranus, you'll be able to sharpen your love life to something that speaks truly to you. Prepare for unexpected, yet fascinating twists to shake up your relationships and to feel more attracted to unique individuals.

However, prepare to take a dive into your most questionable instincts when Mars — planet of aggression and primal action — forms a difficult square with volatile and dark-sided Pluto. Your drive will reach high highs and low lows, and if you're feeling provoked, you may be unsure of how to control your emotions. You can choose confrontation, or you can let it fuel the fire behind your desires.


You're feeling the pull toward darkness and domination with Mars in your first house of the self forming a square with Pluto. This will be a push of intense motivation, but also edge you towards confrontation. Take care to use this energy to champion others rather than tear them down. The sun and Mercury are in your 11th house of community, so hold people close.


Your social and love life will open wide when Venus enters your ninth house of adventure this week. As it forms a trine with Uranus, it will add a twist of excitement to all your relationships, making everything seem inexplicably beautiful. This is also an opportunity for you to see your own unique abilities with renewed appreciation, so bask in self-love.


You're feeling more attracted to eccentric people with Venus in your seventh house of partnerships forming trine with Uranus. Let it fuel your love for weirdness and help you define the unique qualities of your own relationships. Something unexpected may happen that brings you closer to someone in a way that you've never been before. Let go and let in.


You're in an emotional, passionate, yet terrifying time with the sun and Mercury in your sexual and deep eighth house of death and rebirth. Your thoughts may drift toward dark places, but let it inform you of a higher truth. You may feel more in love than usual, perhaps even obsessively thinking about the object of your desire. Try not to get too lost in it.


Your mind is focused on your relationships with the sun and Mercury raging through your seventh house of one-on-one connection. You're open to love, ready to refine your loyalty, and willing to share what you have with someone who deserves it. However, you may be worrying too much about what people think of you and how strong your bonds are. Let it work itself out.


You're feeling so perked up and ready to get things done with the sun and Mercury (your ruling planet) blasting through your sixth house of work and health. You're crossing things off your to-do list like it's nobody's business, but take care not to overwork yourself. When Mercury forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter, it will carry good vibes throughout next week.


You're feeling the beauty of your existence with Venus (your ruling planet) forming a trine with individualistic Uranus. As Venus moves through your communication house, you'll feel inspired to express and revel in your truth. The sun and Mercury are swirling through your fifth house of pleasure and fun, upping the creative energy to brilliant levels.


With Mars and Pluto (your ruling planets) forming a square, you may feel as though you're raging inside. This will push you to accomplish the tasks on your mind and prove yourself, as Mars is moving through your sixth house of work. Let it help you get things done, but don't let work dictate your ego. With Saturn forming a sextile with Neptune, it doesn't have to be a struggle.


With Mars in your playful and fun fifth house of pleasure, you're feeling so inspired and childlike in your motivations. As it forms a square with Pluto, you could accomplish something deeply important to you if you harness the spike in your darkest creativity. With Venus forming a sextile with Uranus, you're finding unexpected sparkle in your money and surroundings.


You're about to enter your sexiest and most romantic time of year when your Venus return begins next week. In the meantime, Venus will form a trine with Uranus, helping you understand your inner beauty on the deepest of levels. When Saturn (your ruling planet), forms a sextile with Neptune, you're finding spiritual gratification in your work, so start manifesting.


You're thinking clearly about who you are and doing some serious self-improvement and self-reflection with the sun and Mercury moving through your first house of the self. You're feeling top notch and fully in touch with who you are, especially with Venus forming a trine with Uranus, your ruling planet. Revel in your uniqueness and do something radical for yourself.


Neptune (your ruling planet) will be forming a satisfying trine with Saturn this week, allowing you to accomplish some real work at the same time you connect to your inner-world. You're mapping out the future. Even though you're spending a lot of time daydreaming with the sun and Mercury in your spirituality house, you're doing more work than you realize.