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There's Something Unpredictable In Your January New Moon Horoscope

2020 may have just begun, but it's already been weighed down by heavy emotions and dramatic situations. You're coming away from a life-altering solar eclipse in Capricorn and a transformative lunar eclipse in Cancer. In the astrology world, it is said that eclipse season is not the best time to start something new, engage in spell work, or manifest your desires, because the universe is already making necessary adjustments and there's no need to complicate things when they're already so complicated. Luckily, your January 2020 new moon horoscope provides you with a clean slate and the opportunity to start anew. If you've been looking for a sign to get back on that horse and start mapping out your goals, this is your sign.

The new moon in Aquarius takes place on Jan. 24 at 4:42 p.m. ET. It's the perfect time to set an intention and let the universe know what you want. Being the most fertile phase of the lunar cycle, the new moon loves nothing more than a fresh beginning. Plant the seeds now and watch how they grow over time. Let this be your chance to release yourself from the past and make a commitment to your future.

As this new moon forms a square to unstable and unpredictable Uranus, there's no telling what surprises may be in store. You may find yourself going down an unexpected path or feeling inspired to make a major change. While this lunation is bound to stir up drama in your relationships (Venus, planet of love, is clashing with aggressive and ruthless Mars, after all), it's encouraging you to work through your issues and finally have an honest talk about what's been bothering you. If you can hear each other out, work on your issues, and remain open-minded, it will only bring you closer. With Venus forming a positive sextile with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, this new moon wants you to have healthy relationships. However, it takes hard work to get there. Let this new moon show you the way.



Find a cause that speaks to your heart and devote yourself to making a positive change. There's no better feeling than doing your part to make this world a better place. You can talk about your ideas all you want, but taking action is what sets you apart from others.


What does success mean to you? What have you always dreamed of accomplishing? Time to start believing in your goals and making some major moves. Put yourself out there and don't hold back. The world won't come knocking on your door.


The only person who understands you is you. Don't let anyone tell you how you should live your life. Screw what people think about your philosophy. If believing in something brings you power and peace, then believe in it with all your heart.


Let go of what is no longer serving you. History is to be learned from, not repeated. It's time to let go of toxic patterns that have only brought you misery. Breaking your bad habits won't happen overnight; it takes commitment and the willingness to keep trying.



A new era of relationships is beginning. Decide what you need from your relationships during this time in your life. Acknowledge how you yourself can become a better partner. Commitments are a two-way street; forge one marked by loyalty and respect.


Every single decision you make, no matter how small, has an impact on your future. Are you using your time wisely? Are you prioritizing what matters most? It's time to set your focus on a new and improved daily routine. Build a better life one step at a time.


Even if you're not an artist by trade, a little creativity can drastically enhance your life. Have you always dreamed of learning how to paint? Do you enjoy dancing on the weekends? Make a commitment to an art form that brings you the most joy.


Your sacred space belongs to you, and it's time to treat it with respect. Work on healing your relationship with your family, and reorganize and redesign your living space. You deserve a safe haven to return to after a hard day's work, so nurture it with love.



Harness the power of your voice. If you're not honest about what you feel or willing to speak your mind, you're only doing a disservice to yourself. Work on overcoming the fear holding you back from asserting your truth.


You already have everything you need and abundance surrounds you. If you keep spending money to fill a void, it will never be filled. Revitalize your relationship with your finances. Know that you can always make more money, so you should learn how to spend wisely.


When you envision the person you're becoming, what you do you see? It's time to set an intention to guide you forward as you grow into your fullest potential. Don't be afraid of change. You're already changing and there's no point in fighting it.


It's time to heal. Acknowledge whatever has been plaguing you and commit to a therapeutic means of healing your wounds. Your fears are valid, but they can also be overcome. Commit to nurturing and soothing yourself. You're stronger than you think.