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Your January Horoscope Marks The Start Of A Brand-New Chapter

by Valerie Mesa

January is here, and if the thought of kicking off a brand-new decade seems totally out of this world for you, wait until you read your January 2020 horoscope. Aside from being in the midst of a deeply cathartic eclipse season, the world at large is also in the process of renewal.

Capricorn is a symbol of structure, foundations, and hierarchies, and Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node have been hovering over this area of the zodiac for quite some time now. Your idea of structure, both personally and collectively, isn't the same as it used to be and, well... it isn't supposed to be. With that being said, this month and astrological season have everything to do with building toward the future, but more importantly, building something that no longer coincides with your previously set structures. The North Node is the cosmic arrow pointing toward your destiny, and in Cancer, it's asking you to put your inner world and emotional security first.

Happy New Year! Here's what January has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Discovering Your True Purpose

Does your current career path resonate with your soul's truth, Aries? Sounds like a lot to reflect on, but this month will revolve around your sense of security along with your contribution in the world. Listen to your intuition and don't be afraid to take a much-needed leap of faith.

Taurus: Your Entire Perspective Is Transforming

Your past experiences do not define you, Taurus. Although, they are part of what's been pushing you to explore new horizons. Your entire world is being revolutionized at this moment, and that's being reflected onto your personal philosophy. Believe in yourself and in the universe.

Gemini: You're Reworking Your Intimate Bonds

A person's perception of you is none of your business, Gemini. Your self-worth should not depend on someone's validation, which is why I'm here to remind you to simply love yourself. You are worthy and you're in the process of shedding your snake skin. Let all the toxicity go.

Cancer: You're Setting Firm Boundaries

Is history repeating itself, Cancer? Perhaps. But at least you're finally putting an end to relationship patterns that don't serve your highest truth. Commitment isn't supposed to be scary, so make sure you rework those previously set structures.


Leo: You're Dissecting Your Everyday Life

You like being in charge, Leo? It's time you take a step back and review your power struggles in the workplace and in your everyday life. You're also in the midst of a powerful healing process, too. Be patient and gentle with yourself, because your mind, body, and soul are finding their balance.

Virgo: Your Self-Expression Is Top Of Mind

Having second thoughts about your soul purpose, Virgo? Whether you're in the midst of creating something unique, or sharing something with your extended community, everything starts with intention and you're about to make a difference. Stop second-guessing yourself.

Libra: Your Re-Evaluating Your Inner Security

What's your definition of security, Libra? You're doing a whole lot of reflecting, especially in terms of your upbringing and your overall sense of stability. Themes revolving around intimacy and shared resources are also being revolutionized. You will find balance once you surrender.

Scorpio: You're Analyzing Your Connections

You are not what you had no choice but to endure in your early environment once upon a time, Scorpio. The structures of your mindset are transforming and this will, in turn, reflect onto your one-on-one connections. Compromising isn't always a bad thing, you know.


Sagittarius: You're Reflecting On Your Value

The pleasure you seek and experience is a reflection of your worth, Sagittarius. You're thinking about money a lot more than usual and this is happening because you're starting to analyze whether your material belongings actually fulfill you. What's worth it to you?

Capricorn: You're Restructuring Your Persona

Step into your power, Capricorn. This is a pivotal season for you and it goes beyond your solar revolution. The freedom you crave within your relationships is making itself known, and you need set the necessary boundaries. Who are you and what image are you trying to portray?

Aquarius: You're Connecting With Spirit

Forgive yourself and the people who have wronged you, Aquarius. This could be a deeply spiritual time for you, especially in regard to your connection to source and all that is. On the dark side, you're also being confronted with hidden wounds and past resentments. This is growth.

Pisces: You're Rethinking Your Hopes And Dreams

What do you want to be when you grow up, Pisces? Are you pursuing something so you can fit in with the rest of the world? Or are you genuinely working towards your hopes and dreams? Be bold. Be different. Express yourself, don't repress yourself. You are free.