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You'll Find So Many Surprises In Your Jan. 11 Weekly Horoscope


Prepare for things to get a little out of control this week. After all, it begins with messenger Mercury forming a square with expansive Jupiter on Jan. 11, launching big ideas and making everything appear larger than life. This is not the time to limit yourself and focus on the negatives. Instead of concentrating on what you can't do, the cosmos want you to focus on what you can. Your January 11, 2021 weekly horoscope is here and the sky is truly the limit. However, you might find that this limitlessness comes with a price by Jan. 12. Mercury will form a square with unpredictable Uranus, which can lead to pleasantly surprising moments of insight just as much as it can leave you feeling nervous and unsettled.

Luckily, this week arrives with a powerful opportunity to work hard on your career goals and become the boss you've always dreamed of being. On Jan. 13, the new moon in Capricorn will lay down the groundwork for a new beginning centered on self-improvement and, of course, world domination. Since this moon is conjunct transformative Pluto and sextile spiritual Neptune, this new moon will pull on your heartstrings just as much as it will push you to tackle your dreams with everything you've got. Even if it feels like you're currently lingering at rock bottom, this new moon will help you plant the seeds for something beautiful down the line.

However, be patient with yourself and don't give up when the going gets tough. Jan. 13 is also when driven Mars squares off with inhibiting Saturn, which may make you feel slow to start. Whether a fear of failure is holding you back from trying or obstacles that are out of your control are standing in your way, your goals may feel out of reach at the moment. Fortunately, Jan. 13 is also when beautiful new relationships will inspire you and guide you forward. Loving Venus is forming a trine with innovative Uranus, which could introduce you to some eccentric new characters as well as redefine existing relationships in a revitalizing new light.

Expect even more surprises to land in your lap as the week continues. By Jan. 14, Uranus — planet of awakenings — will finally station direct after a long retrograde that began back in August. With Uranus moving forward uninhibited, expect new developments to start taking over your life and your reality. Jan. 14 is also when the sun will join forces with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — intensifying the energy and encouraging you to shed your metaphorical skin and embrace the possibility of something new. Sometimes, growth doesn't happen gracefully. When Pluto is involved, it feels just as chaotic as it does powerful.

All week, you're building up to Jupiter squaring off with Uranus on Jan. 17, which signifies a deeply impactful moment in astrology. This can signify great big changes that take your life in completely unexpected directions and lead you to epiphanies that alter your perception of reality. Enjoy the ride.



Your career is coming into focus this week and you're gearing up to make some hefty changes that bring you success down the line. However, you might feel somewhat stuck thanks to the limited resources you have at the moment. This calls for some clever and resourceful thinking as you call in all the favors you're currently owed and use a few tricks up your sleeve.


Adventure is calling your name this week. It's time to think outside the box and embrace the fact that even the most carefully laid plans are no match for the whims of the universe. You might find yourself in a completely different place than you imagined this week and it could feel just as enlivening as it feels unnerving. Try to have faith in what comes next, because you're right where you're meant to be.


This week, you might be processing a lot of internal and subconscious energy. Wounds that have been inhibiting your perspective are coming to light, forcing you to feel the weight of what you've been carrying within. However, you're also embracing unexpected moments of insight and revelations that help everything come together. Confusion now might just bring you a deeper peace later.


Your relationships are embracing deep transformations this week. Although it can feel as though you're arguing with someone you care about or harboring deep, overwhelming feelings for them, you're reshaping the meaning of your relationships in a powerful way. Let the past remain in the past as you work through your differences and allow a new chapter to guide your relationships forward.



You're feeling deeply inspired to revamp your daily routine this week and make some major strides simply by putting in the hours. What goals do you want to check in with? What priorities need reassessing? As you map everything out, however, you could be dealing with some major relationship developments that throw you for a loop. When someone tells you who you are, make sure you listen.


You may attempt to get a lot done this week and look at the world through an analytical and logical perspective, but the universe may have other plans. Your beliefs may conflict with the facts, forcing you to reassess everything you have faith in and rethink the way you view everything. Luckily, plans aren't what you need right now. Give yourself permission to indulge in uninhibited creative expression this week.


What you're craving this week is a sense of comfort, security, and emotional vulnerability. You may feel surprised by who offers you this closeness this week, helping you bridge gaps and open your heart to people you may have held at arm's length. However, there's a difference between true closeness and a romanticized version of closeness. Let someone's actions describe their true intentions.


If tensions and unspoken truths have been simmering in the backdrop of a relationship, you might find the pressure to be overwhelming this week. Be careful what you say and how you react to conflict. However, if chaos ensues, it will be a major learning opportunity and help you come to terms with how you can improve communication, especially when it comes to communicating grievances.



A disorganized feeling may lead you through the week. If you haven't been keeping up with a solid routine and grounded practices, you may be feeling the results of that. However, looking at things outside the box will definitely lead you to beautifully enlightening learning experiences. You may feel the need to speak your mind, but remember that there's a time and a place for everything.


It's a majorly transformative week for you. You may be letting go of an aspect of your personality or saying goodbye to something you have long identified. However, you know that some things are meant to be outgrown and you need to make room for whatever comes next. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect, because there is so much beauty to be found in the cracks.


The place that you came from and the people who raised you may have brought you into this world, but they don't dictate who you will become. This week, it's time to take agency over your own destiny and work on letting go of the expectations your loved ones may have of you. However, these conflicts can be addressed empathetically rather than harshly, and in the end, it will be better for everyone.


This week, you might find the strength to speak on things that you've never spoken of before. Whether these are secrets you've been keeping or dreams you've never been able to find the words for, your subconscious is pouring out of you at an unexpectedly alarming rate. Find a way to harness this internal sea of expression and let it lift a weight off your chest rather than consume you.