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Beware Of Unearthed Secrets In Your Halloween Horoscope


Is there ever a time when your imagination is more alive than on Halloween? You're encouraged to wear your most enchanting costume, attend out-of-this-world parties, and tap into your dark side. What could be so terrifying about that? Even though Halloween may be known for cheap thrills and campy horrors, let's not forget that not all things are as they seem. Prepare for such mysteries to be unmasked because your Halloween 2019 horoscope is here.

Halloween always takes place when the sun is in morbid, truth-seeking, and seductive Scorpio, casting this celebration in its shadow. Mercury — planet of communication — and Venus — planet of love — are also in Scorpio, taking conversations to abyssal depths and romances to intense levels of passion. With the moon in daring and adventurous Sagittarius as it forms a trine to Jupiter — planet of expansion — the desire to try new things, open your heart, and take things to the next level will fill your soul. This is the Halloween to do something you've always wanted to do, yet never found the courage to do it.

With all that being said, it wouldn't be Halloween without something terrifying thrown into the mix, would it? On Oct. 31, at 11:41 a.m. ET, Mercury will officially station retrograde and infuse the day with foreboding. Taking place in investigative, obsessive, and intuitive Scorpio, this retrograde will unearth secrets, reveal secret admirers, and show you where wishful thinking will fail you.

So beware, for this Halloween is definitely no joke. Here's what the zodiac signs can expect on this astrologically eventful day:



Dare to explore the depths of your soul and fall madly in love with something dark and dreamy. Remember, though, some things may look romantic and beautiful on the surface, but if something is too good to be true, it just might be.


Time to team up with your partner in crime this Halloween and do something spooky together. Just be mindful of who you choose to create mischief with. You may think you're teaming up with your soulmate, only to find they're a troll in disguise.


You've got the best costume of all and you're feeling eager to ravenously devour as much candy as possible. Remember to pace yourself, and also be aware that nothing will go to plan this Halloween. Might as well enjoy the ride.


You're the vampire every mortal is falling in love with this Halloween. Though you're up for a few vampire bites, you might not be in the mood to connect with someone for all eternity. Be careful with your heart and don't take it all so seriously.



You may feel more like staying home and handing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters. Set up the scariest and cleverest Halloween decorations that will be the envy of the whole block. Remember, though, that sometimes the true monsters are at home.


There may be mysterious voices wanting to speak to you. Delve into deep and transformative conversations that open your mind to the unknown. Be careful not to spill any important secrets though. The wrong person may be listening.


Surround yourself with all the spooky essentials and do whatever it takes to bring yourself closer to the Halloween spirit. You get to define the mystery of this holiday. Just remember that not all magic is worth spending money on.


You're the leader of the pack on Halloween, so embrace your confidence and own your power. You are a force of energy to be reckoned with. But beware of your power getting out of control. Trust that you already have what it takes.



Prepare to slip into the spirit realm and connect with something magical. Your psychic senses are on high alert. Let your intuition guide you toward all the right decisions. Just be careful not to lose yourself in your own thoughts.


You're gathering with your fellow witches and combining your powers. No matter what, remember to be the witch you'd like to see in the world. Avoid the forces that pressure you into doing things that don't align with your heart.


You are a queen of darkness this Halloween and everyone can see your smoldering and powerful authority. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and reveal your true abilities. Make sure you're a just queen, though — not a tyrannical one.


You're getting on your broomstick and flying into the great unknown. Get over your fear of heights and let the wind take you away. Just remember to not to fly so far away that you have no idea how to make it back to the ground.