Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope Is Here & It'll Bring Out Your True Colors

Prepare for some intensely powerful energy to rock your world, because another full moon is in the works. The lunar cycle is something you can always rely on for an emotional whirlwind, is it not? When a full moon takes place, it's a moment of culmination and revelation that allows you to look deeply into the entanglements of your life. If you're on the right track, it's a beautiful feeling, but if the truth is more complicated than that, it could involve a darker realization. If you'd like to know what could transpire, your full moon in Libra 2019 horoscope has all the details.

Radiating its luminescence throughout the universe on March 20 at 9:43 p.m. ET, this full moon takes on the spiritual hue of Libra. You may feel emotional or introspective about your partnerships, as this cardinal air sign is symbolically tied to cooperation, harmony, and love. How can you open yourself up to healthy, respectful, and inspirational relationships? What can you do to be a better partner? Is your partner giving you what you need and deserve? Highlighting the opposite values of Aries, a zodiac sign that's all about personhood, individuality, and trusting your impulse, this full moon will ask you to consider how you share yourself with others and practice balance in your life.


Your relationships will experience an emotional change, for better or worse. No matter what happens, you may be brought closer and your trust will only be strengthened. Let mutual respect guide the way.


You will begin to realize how much hard work is required of you. In order to maintain your well-being and go after your goals, you need some level of organization and a plan to start you off. Procrastinate no longer.


Life isn't worth living unless you're having fun and taking part in all the beautiful things that the present moment has to offer. Create art, dance, sing, and play like you did when you were a kid. Don't judge yourself.


Home is calling your name, and it's time for you to give it all of your attention. Surround yourself with love and care. Take time to spruce your living space up. Your sanctuary is where you need to go and rejuvenate.


You've got something to say and you've got so much to learn. You'll feel so inspired to have a stimulating conversation, to say what's on your mind, and absorb new information. Let the truth give you new ideas.


This is about everything that you have and everything that you want. Your material possessions, the money in your bank, and everything that gives you a sense of security will be on your mind. Trust that you are always taken care of.


You're feeling so emotional about your identity. This is about becoming a truer version of yourself, so drop whatever is holding you back and embrace your individuality. You're crawling out of your cocoon and spreading your wings.


Your intuition is very powerful and your dreams are especially vivid. The truth of your subconscious is coming to the forefront, and it's time for you to get spiritually realigned. Listen to your heart and give it what it needs.


You're craving a social connection and friendship, so share your interests with others and take people under your wing. There is so much power in a community that truly understands you, so don't settle for less.


You're feeling introspective about where your career is going, how your reputation is doing, and how far along you are to achieving your goals. You'll realize something about your path in life, and success is closer than you think.


You're daydreaming of new places and thinking about making new memories. You're meant to travel far and try new things, so drop everything that you thought before and embrace fresh perspectives.


You're breaking through a period of life that is coming to an end and possibly finishing off the touches to a project. Even if you're exhausted, make one more push to get to the finish line. If it's worth it, difficulty is inevitable.