Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Aries Season Brings The Heat

If you're sick of the emotional, spaced-out, sensitive, and daydreamy vibes involved with Pisces season, then you're about to get some good news. On Mar. 20, the sun will enter Aries, setting you off on a brand new start. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and this season is all about new beginnings. Time for you to put your whole heart into every move you make, live with an inextinguishable passion for life, and do nothing but what you love. Your March 18, 2019 weekly horoscope demands it.

If you thought Aries season was intense all on its own, get a load of this: On the exact same day that the sun enters Aries, a full moon in Libra will skyrocket through the cosmos. This will bring a different perspective to your individuality, as Libra is all about how you relate to, cooperate with, and share yourself with others. Let this full moon bring you a sense of balance and harmony, allowing you to share the wealth and see the world without judgement.

On Mar. 20, aggressive Mars — Aries' ruling planet — will also form a trine with dark and transformative Pluto, helping you understand your most primal needs in the most meaningful way. However, this energy can get a little unpredictable when romantic Venus forms a square with Mars on Mar. 21, creating mischief and conflict in your relationships that can turn up the heat or set everything on fire. Luckily, Venus will also form a sextile with expansive Jupiter on Mar. 21, helping you see the positive side of everything.

You should prepare for Mercury retrograde to get way more intense this week, as Mercury will form a conjunction with illusive and fictional Neptune on Mar. 24. If you thought you were scatterbrained before, just wait and see how messy it's bound to get.


The sun has entered your first house of the self and you are confidence personified. This is the best time to hone in on who you are and honor where you're going. Let's toast to yourself, shall we? A full moon will shine a light on your closest relationships, letting you see the truth about your commitments and showing you how your heart connects with others.


You're feeling especially intuitive and spiritual now that the sun is in your 12th house of the subconscious. You're seeing the truth behind your physical reality, so listen to your inner voice and give yourself time for introspection. A full moon will show you how organized and diligent you are in life. Use it to find a sense of routine, priority, and progress.


The sun has entered your 11th house of community and it's time for you to be the string that ties us all together. You're here to facilitate connection amongst strangers and instill a sense of friendship wherever you go. A full moon will make you feel artistic and playful, so let it lead you to a joy that knows no bounds. Let fun lead the way.


It's time for you to shine, so don't hold back from the spotlight. The sun has entered your 10th house of reputation, and you're revved up to get out there and accomplish your dreams. You desire fame, glory, and praise, so what are you waiting for? A full moon brings you back home, back to your family and comforts, so give your heart what it needs.


The sun has entered your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, so it's time for you to expand your mind and try something new. Let go of your need for perfection and predictability. Instead, so something that both scares you and fascinates you. A full moon will bring stimulating conversations into your life, as well as knowledge that you can use for big things.


You're feeling intimate, intense, and connected to higher realms now that the sun has entered your eighth house of death and rebirth. It's time for you to either commit completely or let go of something that's not going anywhere. A full moon will bring your focus on luxury and security, reminding you of what you need in order to feel stable and satisfied.


The sun has entered your seventh house of partnerships, thus bringing love, commitment, cooperation, and connection to the forefront of your life. It's time to facilitate something worthwhile with someone else. A full moon shines a light on who you are, at your core, letting you know what you need in order to feel happy, fulfilled, and accomplished.


You're in the mood to make your life a whole lot cleaner and organized now that the sun has entered your sixth house of work and health. This is a good time to start sticking to your routine and focus on making wiser choices with your time. A full moon shows you what's truly going on in your soul, so definitely trust what your intuition is telling you this week.


You're feeling artistic and creative now that the sun has entered your fifth house of pleasure. This season is all about having fun, living it up, and getting in touch with your inner child. Live in the now and don't overthink it. A full moon brings you closer to the rest of humanity and shows you who your true friends are. Let social interaction guide the way.


The sun has entered your fourth house of home and family and this is the time to care and be cared for. Spend time with the people you love most, whether that family is blood-related or chosen. Go where you feel most safe and sound. A full moon shows you developments in your career, as well as guides you towards the most accomplishing path.


You're in the mood to engage in stimulating conversations, speak your mind, and learn valuable new facts. Your brain is working in a new and interesting way, so use it to gain a clearer perspective of your reality. A full moon opens your mind and lets you see the bigger picture. You're seeing several different dimensions now. The answers will come to you.


The sun has entered your second house of finance and possessions, motivating you to make more money, spend on things that are important to you, or simply cultivate a reality that's more luxurious for you. A full moon deepens things and shows you just the type of intimacy and emotional connection you need. Share yourself with those who deserve it.