Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & You'll Be Moved To Reflect On Your Life

It may be Mercury retrograde but that doesn't mean the cosmos come to a halt during this pesky transit. There's still plenty of action at play, and even if you feel like everything is stagnant or backwards, there is magic underway. Your March 11, 2019 weekly horoscope will prove it. The sun is still in dreamy, psychic, and artistic Pisces, and Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — is dipping into its Neptunian waters as well. This retrograde is emotional and reminiscent, so spend this time listening to your intuition and letting it inform you of where you're meant to be going.

On Mar. 13, the sun will form a sextile with transformative and dark Pluto, just days before Mercury forms a sextile with Pluto on Mar. 16. This will take you through a tour of your most taboo thoughts and tendencies, inviting a dose of the unusual and misunderstood into your life. However, you'll enjoy what you find when you search through shadows. There's much to be learned from the underbelly of everything.

A wave of confidence and determination is headed your way when the sun forms a square with majestic, adventurous, and growth-oriented Jupiter on Mar. 13. When Mercury follows suit on Mar. 16, you'll feel as though you're wearing rose-colored glasses. This can gift you with a strong sense of hope and possibility, however, don't let it carry you away, as you may jump the gun without considering the fine details enough.

Regardless of the decisions you make, you'll be able to truly see them through with wild abandon. Mars — planet of courage, battle, and vitality — forms a harmonious trine with disciplined and committed Saturn on Mar. 14. A boost of passion for a project or a person will light fire, but expect this flame to stay lit for a long time to come.


When Pluto forms a sextile with Mercury in your 12th house of spirituality, you may feel a darkness coming on. Even if you want to look away and avoid the truth, you owe it to yourself to embrace your own shadow. Use it to work hard and catapult yourself through a project you're currently working on because Mars and Saturn form a trine in your money and career houses.


Your social circle will experience deeper connections and breakthroughs when Pluto forms a sextile with Mercury in your 11th house of community. Vulnerability and depth can bring you together. You're on the verge of a philosophical breakthrough when Mars and Saturn form a trine. You're becoming more adventurous, willing to be spontaneous, and open-minded.


You could experience a breakthrough in your reputation when Mercury in your career house forms a sextile with Jupiter in your partnership house. Remain open to networking and positive interactions with friends and colleagues. You're also on the verge of a spiritual understanding that comes from within. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, you'll unleash intuitive power.


You'll learn important, life-changing things when you look to the darkness this week. Allow yourself to be transformed and changed when Mercury in your philosophy house forms a sextile with Pluto. You're seeing the big picture and it's not what you expected. Your social life will also find plenty of stable ground and longevity when Mars and Saturn form a trine.


There is creativity radiating from your shadow, so allow your feelings, no matter how strange or difficult, to power you. You're feeling beautiful, dark things when Mercury in your eighth house of death and rebirth forms a sextile with Pluto. There is a major career development on the way when Mars and Saturn form a trine. You are working hard and you will continue to work hard.


So many relationships are experiencing growth and love this week when Mercury forms a sextile with Jupiter. You're feeling a connection between both your friends and your family. When Mars in your adventure house and Saturn in your pleasure form a trine, you're feeling a spike of creativity and open-mindedness that will take you far. Ride it all the way to the end.


When Mercury in your work house forms a trine with Jupiter in your communication house, you're feeling wildly intelligent and productive. It's not that you need concrete results to prove your power. It's that you have the right mindset to take the first steps. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, you'll connect with something emotionally that you've had trouble connection with before.


When Mercury in your house of pleasure and fun forms a sextile with Jupiter in your money house, there is potential for creative ways to make and spend money this week. Let your artistry lead the way. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, there is potential for a deeper communication between you and a partner. The exchange of truth, cooperation, and information is underway.


You're feeling a renewed connection and place in your home or family and it's bringing you so much comfort. When Mercury and Jupiter form a sextile, you'll know where you belong. There is plenty of energy to get things done this week when Mars in your work house forms a trine with Saturn in your money house. You're seeing what it takes to create the life you've always wanted.


Your thoughts and conversations will take on darker, more honest and spiritual undertones when Mercury forms a square with Pluto. You'll think of things you didn't think of before, and an instinct to go the distance will take you far. When Saturn in your first house forms a trine with Mars in your creativity house, you'll find that play and artistic expression will fuel your identity.


When Mercury in your money house form a sextile with Jupiter in your 11th house of friends, there may be certain people you meet who improve your lifestyle or put you in comfortable positions. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, you'll feel pulled towards your family and your home for a sense of spiritual peace. If your intuition is telling you to be in a certain place, trust it.


Your career is experiencing a serious boost from your intelligence when Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter. Let your bright and talked about reputation infuse your self-esteem. When Mars in your communication house forms a trine with Saturn in your friendship house, you're feeling pulled to reach out to others and make connections that forge so much harmony.