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Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope Reveals Plenty Of Unexpected Truths


Do you feel your heart swelling in your chest? Can you sense the intensity brewing in the air? If so, you're especially tuned in to the lunar cycle because it's almost time for the next full moon. When the moon is at its biggest and brightest phase, it tends to pull away the curtain that covers the deep, dark truth. Since the moon rules over your subconscious inner world, it affects what you're feeling within. During this phase, the sun and moon form an exact opposition, which shines a light on your truth. Your full moon in Aquarius 2019 horoscope is no different.

Taking place at 8:29 a.m. ET on, this full moon will take on the emotional energy of Aquarius. This fixed air sign isn't known for being overly heartfelt or sensitive. In fact, they're famous for their aloof exterior and intellectual way of thinking. What matters to Aquarius most is individuality, rebellion against the status quo, and a concern for the world at large. Aquarius wants to take everyone under its wing and be a leader towards positive change. However, Aquarius is just as capable of being reckless for the sake of being reckless, so consider the meaning behind your actions.

This full moon is brimming with uncertain and unpredictable energy, so prepare for some emotional twists and turns. With the full moon forming an opposition to Venus — planet of love and money — as well as Mars — planet of sexuality and drive — this is a lunation marked by volatility. You may be feeling more daring or argumentative than usual, so remember your instincts may drag you into uncharted territory. However, any rash decision-making will most certainly reveal truths that could rock your world. Are you ready to see what's lurking behind the pretty facade?

Here's what to expect on this full moon, according to your zodiac sign:



There may be discord reverberating throughout your social circle. Friends may reveal themselves to be something different than you initially thought. You may find yourself drawn to a circle of people who inspire something new inside you. Remain open to connections with others and be as empathetic as possible.


There may be anxiety surrounding your career, but this anxiety could stem from excitement as much as it does fear. You're discovering deeper layers of your life path that will inevitably point you in a direction you may not have been expecting. Try not to jump to conclusions with your superiors.


A larger meaning is coming into focus. If you've been overanalyzing or obsessing over smaller details, you are now being forced to take a step back and see them all come together. This could lead to a loss of faith in something important to you, but also the freedom to see things differently and open your heart to a new perspective.


You're deeply entrenched in your sensitivity and spirituality, which means you have the power to work through your shadow and rise from a difficult situation. You may be paying off a debt — either financially or emotionally — and it's time to leave the past in the past. Beware of obsessive habits or thoughts that may bring you down.



Your relationships are under fire, revealing the true dynamics between you and your partner. You may finally discover someone's true feelings, which could compel you to take your relationship to the next level or cut ties. Deal with issues using as much diplomacy as possible, as there is a distinct push and pull going on.


Your health and daily routine are coming into focus. Any unhealthy habits or tendencies will reveal themselves, encouraging you to remedy your ways as well as take better care of your well-being. This is a beautiful time to reorganize your priorities and define what's important to you (and what isn't).


You're seeing your romantic inclinations more clearly and understanding what you desire on a deeper level. There may be tension with a lover that reveals your true compatibility. However, you are also experiencing a creative reawakening that encourages you to express your feelings through artistic pursuits.


Issues at home are coming to light. If you're not truly comfortable in your home or dealing with the problems that are lingering in your family dynamic, you will likely be forced to face them. Remember you deserve to feel safe, nurtured, and respected, so tune in to your heart and discover what it is you truly need.



Your voice is incredibly powerful and it has the ability to create and destroy. You may feel compelled to speak your truth or investigate further into where the truth lies. Be prepared for a truth that may be difficult to stomach and practice as much integrity with your word as possible. Sensitivity is key as you communicate.


The stability of your life is coming under question. It's time to reckon with the way you've been dealing with your finances and forging a truly comfortable reality for yourself. Don't deny the luxuries you desire. However, it's important for you define what it is you really need and what can be lived without.


If you've been living your life according to anyone else's terms but your own, it's time to face the music. It takes bravery to extricate yourself from the people and values that may be compromising your identity so you can take a closer look at who you are. It's time to get to know your true self and live a life of authenticity.


If there is trauma lingering in your memory or pain you've been attempting to repress, now is the time to deal with it. In order to heal, you must call attention to the wounds that need healing. Find positive outlets in people you trust, as well as through meditative activities such as journaling or therapy.