7 Amazing Things Only Your Friend With No Filter Adds To Your Life

Some people have #nofilter. They speak their mind, and tell ridiculous jokes seemingly without a care in the world. You may often wish you could be just as blunt and bold yourself. Sure, sometimes this part of their personality gets them into trouble. (There's most definitely a time and place for certain comments and pieces of humor.) But, you've found that one of your best friends has it down to a science. She always keeps things interesting, and leaves behind a sort of legacy in every room. Your friend with no filter adds a few amazing things to your own life, am I right? You wouldn't want it any other way.

Let's break it down: She's a master at being straightforward and witty, too. She has such a free-spirited and adventurous personality. Growing up, she was the kid who would race her scooter down the super big hills in your neighborhood. She'd ask if you had chocolate pudding in your cabinet, and then proceed to tell you why you should, if you didn't.

She never means to be rude, or ramble on. But, hours will pass and she's somehow gone on a million different tangents without even knowing it. You've learned not to stop her, because you'd rather listen to what she has to say. It's always funny, clever, random, or amazingly weird. She's seriously adds so much to your life, including these seven things.


Your friend with no filter is the queen of telling the truth. She's about as blunt as it gets. According to her, honesty isn't just a policy — it's a lifestyle! She can't help but speak her mind and exactly how she's feeling about any given situation. On the bright side, this means you always have a genuine and candid person in your life.


When was the last time you were curious about the world? Probably whenever you hung out with your friend with no filter. She always asks the big questions, and is constantly in search of adventure. Truth be told, she might be a Sagittarius — you know, if you're into all the star sign stuff. (Guilty.)

She'll straight-up ditch coffee date plans for a personal quest, and is always the one to Google what she doesn't know. A thought will come across her mind, and she just has to pursue it and then scream the results from the rooftops. Lucky for you, this has brought a lot of new experiences and knowledge into your life. Remember to say, "Thanks," next time you see this friend, OK?


Heart-to-hearts are the best with your friend who has no filter, because she doesn't hold back. You know that you can always be straightforward with her and express all of your feelings. It's probably the most comforting thing in the world.

She's a great listening ear, and will tell you stories of her own experiences that are similar, and how she dealt with them. She makes you feel understood, and then gives you a good laugh. That's sort of what friends are for, but she's particularly good at being that "person" in your life.


Having no filter means this girl has the ability to create awkward moments left and right. She talks about the elephant in the room, or brings up that embarrassing memory from middle school. ("Remember when you only wore that Jonas Brothers shirt for like a week?" OK, let's not talk about it, please.)

She's the girl who doesn't mind being the one to bring up what everyone else is thinking, or make you blush in front of your new crush. Over the years, you've learned to take these moments with a grain of salt, and laugh about them. Sometimes it's funny to see how people will react when they're feeling awkward AF.


This friend has no shortage of thoughts or things to say. So, you can always count on her to bring more conversation into your life. Although she may create some awkward moments, she fills those silences with her own funny jokes. She really knows how to work a crowd.

She figures out what people are passionate about, and runs with it. Other people's faces light up whenever they get the chance to talk to her, and you often admire it from the other side of the room. This skill has brought a lot of new friendships into your life, just by association. But, more importantly, it's made conversation into a full-blown activity you can appreciate. (Like, how does she do it?)


Your friend with no filter brings a lot of spontaneity into your life — mostly because you never quite know what to expect with her. You're not sure what kind of joke she's going to bring into a conversation, or whether you'll have to do a little bit of damage control down the road.

Did I mention that she keeps your life interesting? Well, I don't have to tell you that, because you already know. This spontaneity keeps you on your toes, and always ready for an adventure or wildcard play.

One Word: Jokes

Life is better when you're laughing. And thanks to your friend with no filter, you're never without a smile on your face. She has an endless amount of jokes, puns, and cheesy lines that leave you in the best of tears. (Can someone pass the tissues? That one was just too good.)

More often than not, you two talk in memes and random GIFs. It's like a secret language that anybody with a filter or very proper sense of humor wouldn't understand.

Let's be honest: Over the years, this friend's lack of a filter has rubbed off on you. Whoops! Do you even mind? Now you can make other people laugh and add that same essence to their lives. It all worked out for the best, and you know I'm right.